Saturday, December 18, 2010

Think before you speak.

It is really disturbing for me to read comments from a stupid fool who knows nothing but to complain about our Government now.

She complained on many things but she focused more onto our education's systems.

And surprisingly, she even questioned about her own special rights. haha, you are one funny clown you know?

Okay anyway it goes like this. she did foundation in a private college. got a good CGPA. and she decided to continue her studies, well, in a local university.

Unfortunately, the local university didn't want her as she took her foundation year from a private college.

Can you see my point here? From a private to a local university. isn't that a bit weird? If we're talking from one local uni to another, then it's okay. If we're talking about from a private uni to another, then it is okay as well.

From there, she started to complain harshly on stuffs, everything that has been done by the Government will never be right in her eyes. Will never ever be right.

First, she should ask herself. Why did she do foundation in a private college?

Yeah, I still remember the time when I just finished sitting my SPM. I started to think where should I go after that. My friends and I thought of going to a local university. Private university was an option too, provided we get the scholarships.

but what I heard, that she had planned for going to a private college.

she should have studied on how does private education work.

Bear in mind, I can say most of the private colleges are making money, they are not here to educate us, really. In other words, they are more into money rather than educating us. But this is not on all of them.

Again, I'm talking about most of them, not all. Some private universities are good, some are even better than the local universities.

If I were to open a university that will be named after me, I will never ever let my students to carry on their studies outside of my university. I will force them, in the softest way as possible, to continue on at the same university. Come on you guys, don't you want to make money at all if you have your own university?

well anyway, the Government is to blame. she blamed the Government for being cronyism and practice discrimination. All this just because she was not accepted to a local university after she finished her foundation year in a private university. Why do you blame the Government on this matter? For your information, the Government has been subsidizing the fees on local universities since you were not born yet, even I was not born yet. Just imagine how long was that, to support Malaysians on local fees. I say this to show you that our Government do fucking care about us okay. =)

I talked to my bestie, he studies in a local uni. He told me that the government pays more or less around 47K on fees, for a student in a local uni. Ohh boy, that is a lot amount of money, just to pay for one student. RM47000 is a lot. I don't know if it is not to you but to me, it's huge. Doesn't this show that the Government do fucking care about us? =)

That is why private university is way more expensive than a normal local university. In private universities, it's either scholarships or you are on your own.

Please don't blame the Government if you don't study about them first before you utter your words ya. Please, just don't. Please, don't follow your emotions too much, it'll make you look (kind of) stupid.

I know how it feels like to be rejected but you are blaming at the wrong thing. You should have taken the foundation year in a local university if you know in the first place that you'll be continuing your studies in a local uni in the future. In a way to say that, it's your own fault. Try to be wise a bit.

Moving on to transportation issue.

Yes, I agree in some ways, regarding the quality of our transportation systems. The Government should improvise or find a new way to transport people from a point to another. One of the ways, according to Dr. Mahathir, is to privatize our transportation's sector. I must admit that private sectors are better than Government's sectors but this happens for some reasons. One of the reasons is private sectors can concentrate on their respective fields while the Government has to focus on many things i.e educations, healths, transportation and etc. Put it this way, which one is a better choice, to study just on one subject or to study on, let us say, 12 subjects at the same time? Of course, the first choice is the best choice. ^_^

But, I don't think it is practical to make a bicycle track around the city since you have the side of the roads for you to roam about the city. If the tracks should be built around the city, it will cost a major investment and also, a major headache for engineers. Imagine this, you have to move a building, just to make space for a bicycle track. Yes, it sounds ridiculous. Let alone building tracks for traveling across one city to another city. Do you want a special track from Bukit Bintang to Shah Alam? Okay, you would say yes. What about this next question then, do you want to cycle from Bukit Bintang all the way to Shah Alam in your special track for bicycle riders? I don't think you even dare to say 'yes' to this. It's pointless to cycle in that kind of distance unless you're an athlete or some sports freak.

It is safe to cross here and there across the city with bicycle. Even in my university, people cycles to classes and they do just fine.

On a different story.

I feel 'invited' to write this post because when I read the comments, I was like "haish, what else do you want? you better stop talking and shut up, that's better you know.". I was filled with anger and confusion. I told myself, I have to say something to make me feel better.

Malay. I am a Malay.

We can hear noises coming from various directions, provoking racism and all. haiyoo, can't we all just live in peace? Be matured. Be advanced.

She questioned about her own race special's rights. Honestly, that was a really stupid act. It's like, you are denying the fact that you are a human being.

You are denying something that is yours and forever it will be yours. Why do you want to give it away to others?

The special rights that I have now, have been decided and agreed by representatives from all races that exist in this country. They have been agreed. So, why bother? You agreed, they agreed and we agreed on it. Why and why and why did you question this? ohh my God, I just can't understand why.

Do you think the special rights that we have now, is the main cause to racism? No, that's the answer.

Racism occurs when a party doesn't get what it wants, but not what it needs. If the party get what it needs, it won't even bother. If it asks something what it wants and it doesn't get it, then it will start barking aloud.

Let's face it, no one can satisfy everyone. You just can never do that.

It's really saddening to know that she questioned her own rights. Too sad, really.

If you think the Government is not good enough for you, then I think you try to go out overseas and go to any developing country like us. I say developing because it is not fair for you to compare America or United Kingdom with our country. They are developed country, we are a developing country. Go to India or Indonesia or wherever you want as long as it is a developing country.

I assure you that you will be grateful of what we have right now in our country led by our Government.

Or you can try this, try to embrace communism or any other idealism and see where will it take you. Discrimination, bloodbath, merciless Government and so forth. This one I promise you man.

Or if you are still not satisfied with what I say or what the Government has done for the country, well, it is best for you to migrate to another country. Just leave the country. We don't need you.

That's all.

I hope that individual will get her mind opened and be wiser.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Okay, I get it.

No matter what I do,
They always compare me with him.

No matter what I do,
They always say "This sounds like him.".

No matter what I do,
They'll say "Find your own identity.".

No matter what I do,
They will try to find 'it'.

No matter what I do,
They will say "Stop copying and stop trying to be him.".

No matter what I do,
They will always continue to do this.

I thought he is just one of my influences.
Just one of my influences.
The difference is that he is the biggest one out of all of them.
That is all.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How I Met You

Hey Hotness,
We meet again,
This time,
I will not let you take me down,

Hey Hotness,
Before I begin,
Your circle,
Does it even exist?

You paved me a paradise,
Too bad it will not last,
The gaze that you gave to me,
Will always be with me,

I have tried to find my way,
Back into your heart again,
I believe I have lost the key,
Straight into your heart again,

Your warmth,
It turns me on,
Your warmth,
Yes it turns me on and on and on...

[2nd Verse]
Hey Hotness,
I'll cut this out,
You know that your time is running out,

Hey Hotness,
You think I'm scared,
Ohh no no,
Not even a single bit,

You paved me a paradise,
Too bad it will not last,
The gaze that you gave to me,
Will always be with me,

I have tried to find my way,
Back into your heart again,
I believe I have lost the key,
Straight into your heart again,

Your warmth,
It turns me on,
Your warmth,
Yes it turns me on and on and on.

Composed by: Umar Adnan

*This song is about someone who is personally attached to you.
you've tried your best to give everything to him/her.
but then you get bored with all the demands from your partner.
no matter what you do, you won't satisfy him/her.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Muzzled Voice.

I can't get this thing out of my mind. I kept thinking about it, imagined what would happen about it, thinking where would this thing go at the end.

these few days, i surfed the internet and found few Malaysians wrote about this thing.
and this thing is about 'R'.
you know, all the perkasa thingy, school's headmistress thing, church's thing and so on.
I don't see a point why on Earth these so called Malaysians want to debate about it.
it's going nowhere my friend.

if you debate it just for the sake of showing who is more superior, either you or them, it's just plain stupid.

I read an article about Tan Sri Muhy...
in the article, he said something that sounds like this "Even 'they' can have their own perkasa. we never did stop them from doing so."
i was like "huh?".
Do you really have to make that statement?
Do you have to provoke others by saying that?
To me, that statement could set the racial tension that we have since independence on fire.

I know some people would say "hey you should have race-proud in you!".
Yes, I really know that.
I wouldn't sell my own country to others.
But let us think this way.
If we can put these things behind us and supress the feeling of being superior, just imagine how awesome Malaysia could be.

I said this to my sister "They think they are better than us. They are 'better' just because long time ago they were sent to live in the cities. Think about what would happen the other way round, we live there and they live here. Of course, I believe we will become just like them, better than them."
It's a fact that they control the economy. Even our PM said, "Malaysia wouldn't be what it is today if it is not because of them."
Mahathir said in his blog, "They control the economy and some other fields. They possess most of the wealth of this country."
But still we can hear little voices saying "I want a post in the Government, I want this, I want that."
Ohh come on now, seriously.

You have the wealth but now you're asking for power?
We must think rationally and logically.
We don't give the posts to others due to a reason.
The reason is, we don't have that much of wealth like you, so we all have to compensate by leaving the power to us and and the wealth to you.
The wealth that you have now is more than enough.
You will think: "Wow, just leave all the wealth to them???"
The trick is: With money, it doesn't mean that you can have power.
But with power, you can definitely get money.

Now there's a question surfaced: Why do we have less wealth than them?
Yes, interesting.
The Government made a 'dasar' (I dont know what is it called in English), which was meant for us.
But unfortunately, we do not know how to take this advantage made for us.
Possibly, one of the reasons why we become like this is because we are scared to be labelled as a racist ass.
We shouldn't be scared you know.
One way to tackle this problem is to think like this;
If they were to say to you, that you are a racist, then they are just the same like you, a racist.
Why would you say we are racists when you yourself play around with the racial issues?

If I give you money, you guys will hail me, hidup panjang yay!

But when I give the money to my family, children, son, daughter (you name it), you will question me why are you doing this? You racist fcuk.

Irony isn't it? ^_^

Conclusion, please be rational in what we say and in what we do.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

chorus lagu

now it's the time to forgive,
now it's the time to believe,
washing away all the sins,
creating love and happiness.

interesting and this song is quite addictive.

what a line for a chorus.


"Yes Umar, what happened?" - Jiuan

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sorry for the Late Reply/Give Me a Nudge

The gaze,
That you gave to me,
Will always be with me,
And do you know girl,
You are my world,
I believe you're for real,

I try to find my way,
Back into your heart again,
I think I've lost the key,
Straight into your heart again,

Your warmth,
It turns me on,
Your warmth,
Yes, it turns me on,

Do you know girl,
You are my world,
I believe you're for real,
And the gaze,
That you gave to me,
Will always be with me,

I try to find my way,
Back into your heart again,
I think I've lost the key,
Straight into your heart again,

Your warmth,
It turns me on,
Your warmth,
Yes, it turns me on.

another song that i wrote myself. i still can't decide what title should i name this song, it could be 'SFTLR' or 'GMAN'. this song, has the 'circus' kind of sound to it, it's very happy on the music itself but quite 'hoping and expectation' on the lyrics. this song is about 'consoling' someone that you love or like, and hoping that he/she will come back to you and say "it's okay, let's start over again.". this song is really inspired by Jay Chou, and some other chinese songs as well. in this song, i don't play guitar at all, just piano, bass and drums. the piano's riff is quite 'beaty'. i wrote this song after i watched the movie 'Secret' loads of times. and yeah, my bandmates like it. i like it.

P/S: "kalau kau langgar aku, berkecai la kau." - Adib Naqiuddin a.k.a 'Optimus'

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pleiades in Your Heart

Do you still remember when we were one?
I'm losing my grip,
On you and on us,

Can you still remember when we were one?
You're losing your grip,
On you and on us,

The question is now,
Whether can you still remember when we were one?
There is a Pleiades in your heart,
Please shine for me,

And I recall,
The very first line you said,
"We're losing our grip",
"On you and on us",

The question is now,
Whether can you still remember when we were one?
There is a Pleiades in your heart,
Please shine for me.

this is a song that I wrote, just for fun. It sounds a little bit like U2, Guiding Light, Invincible and some other stuff. i 'received' the melody after hearing Hilary Duff's "Hey Now" like for thousands of times. the melody came to me when i was showering. so i sang the melody a lot and walao, one song created. no one ever listened to this song yet, i showed it to Alif once but he was like, "slownya lagu ni......" =.="
it starts with the key of C, the most "complete-soothing-calm-low profile" key to me. and MAYBE, I'll end it with the most unresolved chords of all (well, at least to me), the Maj7 chord, which in this case, is the C Maj7.


P/S: "ha??..the fucking river??" - Jiuan

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You Girls Really Make My Day.

Su Ai, Siew Yin and Jiuan,

thanks for making my day today become an awesome day. i had fun, we had fun.

keep in 'touch' k. ^^

P/S: "Please don't go..." - Ooi Siew Yin

Saturday, October 10, 2009


final is just this monday.

i really looking forward to going back. have few things to do with friends and family.



P/S: "Well, it's a rock band, isn't it?" - Matthew James Bellamy