Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thank You

i feel there's something missing right now..i feel "hollow"..i feel "incomplete"..i feel "empty"..i just can't describe how i feel right now..thanks to LCK..thank you..

hish tak senang duduk la sekarang..rase semacam..rase gundah macam palat..tapi bila Alif dan Azraai ada rasa semangat sket..terutama lepas Alif cerita..serious shit aku katakan kau memang hati kering..aku respect ka..

Thank You..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The "E-Species"

stressed up these few days..i will not tell you why because it will not make any difference but i will tell you what makes me feel stressed up..first, i want to apologize in advance because in this post, i might use cursing words like fuck, babi, bodoh, puki, butoh, et cetera..this post speaks on behalf of my heart content..

do you ever feel so stressed up that you feel like crying or bashing the one who make you feel stressed?..i do believe that everyone do experience this kind of stress at least once in their life time..i feel stressed up because something happened on a particular day..the other day's like my school, i have friends, foes, "plastic" friends, teachers, favorite teachers, "AK" teachers, "AK" friends and et cetera..too many to mention..due to its large number, i categorized these people especially the teacher's population into two species or i suppose it can be called groups..they are called the "E-Species" and the "neutral-species"..only me and LCK know the true meaning of the term..i am going to concentrate on the "E-Species" rather than focusing on the "neutral-species"..back to the topic, these people usually will try their best to "please" me by saying something that i do not like..they thought that by saying that "thing", i would feel happy but it will not make me happy..dammit!..i fuck those who say the word in front of me..fuck it man..i will not tell you what but you would know what it is if you had known me for years..i feel "used" by them..these E-nians do not realize how much i hate them when they say that fucking thing..i can list them for you but i do not think it is such a good idea for me to expose these people..yeah that's right, they "expose" me..i just want to be a low profile one..i just do not want anyone to know about my background whatsoever..i want them to accept me for who i am..not because of that thing..babi la!!!..lancau! my school, i noticed that there are 4 teachers in my school that become the "kepala" for this group..3 teachers and a sir..i know that you "care" about me but too much of your attention would lead to "kerimasan"..these 4 teachers have the highest tendency to "expose" me/say that particular thing in front of me/my friends without thinking first..sorry if i offense these teachers but when will you understand the situation?..i gave them lots of hints that i do not like what they did but they just can't see it..RECENTLY, something did happen and it was in front of the whole school..there is this E-nian..this E-nian expose me..i HATE it..really i fucking HATE it..i thought it was going to happen for just a moment but that E-nian drag his speech on this matter a long way..seriously, if i could turn back time, i would..lancau i do not like people to know that thing about me..i just do not like it..maybe because my parents educate me that way (not to be a "hidung tinggi" whatsoever)..after his speech, i can feel that most people at school treat me differently..only some do not..

why i do not like it?..ok suppose you have more money than God (it is just a phrase, do not take it seriously), people would declare themselves as one of your "inner circle" or close related friends..they would kiss your ass and even lick your leftovers shit on your ass cracks without you asking them to do it..the probability for this event to happen is almost equals to 1..ok now the sad part..suppose that imaginary money that you own, disappear completely have nothing, completely only have yourself and your family..for sure, these "talam dua muka" people WILL leave you and WILL not treat you the way they treat you when you own the fucking money..i'm sure this will happen and i can bet my life on goes the same way with my situation..people wouldn't treat me the way they are treating me right now IF that "thing" disappear or ended (the "thing" that i am referring to is not the money that i have/own, but i am referring to that "thing")..everything have its own life span..but i believe that some which only consists a tiny population of these people, would treat me the same way..i mean treat me for who i am even when that thing is not there anymore..i believe that and now i can see/identify who is who..

bottom line, i like people who treat me for who i am..not for that thing..please be more in my shoes and you will know how i feel when people do these things to me..hanya Allah dan family aku sahaja yang paham dan tahu..i hope i have clear things out..i feel much lighter now..and sorry if this post would cause such a serious offense to some people..thank you very much for reading this..thank you very much indeed..

Monday, June 23, 2008

Math Olimpiad by PERSAMA

hahah after a hell of a night, the very next morning, i have to go to school and participate in the math competition..i have been waiting for it for a long time..i'm yearning for it..i love math duhh..moving on, my teacher said that the competition would be held in the morning, 0900 hrs, sharp, but it turns out the other started at 1000 hrs..wahlaweh!!..anyway, i looked at the papers and they issued questions that are not's difficult..tough..tricky..almost impossible to get the answer!!..hahah..but i managed to get three questions answered..i am confident with my answer on those questions..after two and a half grueling hours, i went back fast to catch a wedding ceremony in Bentong..anak pakcik Arof kahwin..but as always, 1500 hrs baru bertolak..haiyaa..we arrived when people left the place..but anyway i ate a lot there because i was really hungry..then met everyone in Bentong, then go KL, then leave KL for home..

Yuna and Hujan (SABS ChariDine)

I went to the SABS Charity Dinner at the MS Garden Hotel on the 20th of June be honest, i didnt expect my ass to be there cos i never been to a party whatsoever in my life for real..moving on, Elida paid the ticket for me first because i said to her i'm going but actually i'm not..anyway, i have to pay her back and have to go that dinner..later that evening, i'm freaking out cos i don't know what to wear and i know no one from SABS..i would be a loner that night..that was my thought at, i just 'redah' and everything went well that night..i went there just because of Yuna and Hujan..they served Chinese foods if i'm not mistaken but i didn't eat at all..didn't feel hungry so i just left the foods beside..i could say that i'm the Mr.Lonely that night..seriously..then a band and Maisara performed and it was okay..but anyway i feel a bit 'belonged' that night after Yuna came up to the stage and performed;


her name is actually Yunalis..but they called her short, she's very talented and she's hot..i mean it..her voice that night was extraordinary..fucking sweet voice she had..Yuna performed about 6 songs all written by herself..and her songs are not the 'syok-sendiri' type..she can do well in the music industry if she is given the chance..believe me..
Overall rating: 4/5

...after Yuna finished, there was a performance from a 'hip-hop' dancing team..haha i actually do not know much about hip-hop but it was not that bad..but it would be nicer if the performance were not feel me??..hahah..then Alif called me because he really wanted to go there and i said just crash in because the security there was could just walk in and have a happy mind throughout the night..about 9:40, Alif came then i gave him the ticket..i went upstairs and boom!..Hujan is on the fucking stage..i ran up to the skirts of the stage with my friends and everyone was like "WTF??"..but then everyone joined us later..haha kalau nak malu tak payah la pergi gig rite?..anyway, Hujan performed;


yes the main thing was on the stage and everyone went a bit hysterical..and i could say that i'm one of em'..Hujan tested the sound system and open up their setlist that night with "Aku Mahu
Kau Tahu"..nice song although it was my first time listen to that song..then, my favourite song from them "Aku Scandal"..i went fucking hyper after they played the was a BLAST!!!..sebijik dowh main!! kantoi2 part..the solo part from AG was brilliant..serious shit i tell ya'..after the song, "Lonely Soldier Boy" jugak lagu tu bila dgr live..

then, they played "Bila Aku SudahTiada"..fuhh a good one from them!! thing that i noticed is that they performed very well and they kept their tempo constantly..after they end that song, they were like leaving the stage but everyone said "we want more"..i shouted "main la lagu pagi yang gelap!!tolong!!tolong pagi yang gelap!!"..hahah Noh looked at my face and everyone and then turn away and discuss with band mates.."hoi!!" Noh shouted at the drummer and "tick tick tick tick" and the riff danced in the air..i went hyper was the best song from them to be honest..mmg hebat lah!!..after that they did a medley to "Empayarmu"..i do not like the's not that catchy..but it's cool..and they ended the show with a wild outro..Noh bashed his guitar at the mic stand and i managed to touch his guitar..hahah..
Overall Rating: 4/5 last, things resolved to normal..i feel tired after that..i went back to the lift and i saw AG, the guitarist for Hujan..hahah i talked to him quite for a long time..we hang out together that night as if i knew him for a long time..hah he's nice..then the bassist, Dugong, a friendly person..basically, they are nice..but i think i really appreciate the moment where i chit-chat with AG..i didnt ask him his fav color whatsoever..i ask him about musics, how to make riffs and melody and stuff..and i really appreciate it..
with the bassist, Dugong

P/S: there were many faux pas happened that night especially during Hujan was fucking embarrassing serious shit..serious malu dowh..but it wasn't me..and there was this one who kinda have weird interest in's actually okay to like someone but please laa in an "acceptable" way..this particular one kinda "over-reacted" when met AG..AG freaked out i saw it in front of my eyes..that time i was talking to him..i mean he for real freaked out..but i "nasihat" that one and that one managed to calm down a bit..thinking back, it's friends told me the same thing too..they didn't like what that particular one did..if it were not because of the "over" thingy, people wouldn't mind..

anyway, thanks Elida for inviting me in the first place..and that night is going to be on my mind was a blast..what a night!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rage in a Page

i like these lines;


In deep,
and cleanse away my sins,
I am trapped in,
Boxed in,
there's evil in my veins...


In deep,
and cleanse away my sins,
and we'll pray,
That He will not,
Punish us,
and make a fuss...

it's good..these lines are good.. =D

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

List of Songs

pernah tak terfikirkan seseorang bila dgr lagu ni, lagu tu?..hah aku pernah..banyak lagu yang ingatkan aku pada orang yang aku kenal..

this is the list:

Starlight (Muse) - Wen Jun
Unintended (Muse) - Mak, Pn. Azora
Won't go home without you (Maroon 5) - Aishah
Ketulusan Hati (Anuar Zain) - Mak, Ayah
Empty (Click Five) - Wen Jun, Nina
Master of Puppet (Metallica) - Shafiq, my brother
Futurism (Muse) - Ayah
Like a Stone (Audioslave) - Alif Hamizan
Untitled (Simple Plan) - Pc. Sheikh K
Falling Away With You (Muse) - my brother
Invincible (Muse) - my brother, Pn. Azora
Mahakarya Cinta (Faizal Tahir) - Aishah
Creep (Radiohead) - i see myself in this song
My Hump (BEP) - Iqbal, Faiqah
Pagi Yang Gelap (Hujan) - Ayah
Bila Aku Sudah Tiada (Hujan) - Elida, Alif
Aku Scandal (Hujan) - Elida
Shine (Muse) - my family
Stockholm Syndrome (Muse) - my bandmates
Time is Running Out (Muse) - Everyone in my contact circle
Supermassive Black Hole (Muse) - Shafiq, Alif, Lim
Take A Bow (Muse) - Abdullah Badawi
Hey There Delilah (Plain White T's) - Nina
Ada Cinta (Love is Cinta OST) - Aishah
Knights of Cydonia (Muse) - Farhan
Assassin (Muse) - my bandmates
Endlessly (Muse) - Wen Jun
Sing For Absolution (Muse) - Wen Jun
Lagu Untukmu (Meet Uncle Hussein) - Juliana Evans
Speed of Sound (Coldplay) - Alif Hamizan


Fury (Muse) - no comment...

ahah..that's it..i know some of you think that this is a boring list but me it's wonderful..
ok see ya..wanna go read some books..

Selected for National Physics Competition

my physics teacher selected me and others to participate in that competition..i'm shocked because i never thought of going and i just barely knew its existence..and i got high marks jugak laa in the recent exams..but i think overall, my grades are "falling" down but the fall is not that obvious..just a slight drop..and i failed the fugging chemistry..not suprised at all..only that particular subject..i do not know why..and Lim Chee Kong inspired me to excel in my studies..i feel that way because he plays a lot and curse everyone around him but still, he managed to get good results..i wonder how in the hell he did that?!..huh anyway, i'm afraid right now and fear is filling the air because SPM is just waiting to knock the door..kejap sangat masa berlalu..

Sunday, June 8, 2008


i bought the whammy pedal!!! yay!!!

its a GREAT pedal i tell ya'..although it would cost you a fucking bomb, but it is very worth it if you're a music lover..seriously, the best pedal i ever had rite has many functions and obviously it's a pitch shifter..also the harmonizer mode in which the note you play will 'combine' with the note's octave lower/higher..use this setting for Fury..really nailed it..then the dive bomb setting will lower your note up to three octaves lower to make the sound of a diving bomb =b..the iron hard case would withstand such gigs..i would depend entirely on conclusion, it is really awesome and a great pedal..

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Holidays End

feel very lazy lately..maybe because the school is about to re-open..and we have to re-sit some papers and i am not sure why..fug la wei..karangan BM still not done..but its okay, i'll send it to her tonite..

P/S: i got a new was not that bad..ok KOT..

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


yeah..the petrol price has gone up..i don't know..maybe it's good and maybe it's bad for us, the people..

The Good:
-now, the Government has more money since they reduce the subsidies..that means more "development" will rose..
-we can now expect a faster development throughout the country..the money can be injected through various corridors (Iskandar, ECER and et cetera) for the people..

The Bad:
-we have to pay more.. =D

thing is; we should not make noise due to the price increase..instead, be grateful..let's face it; in Thailand, the price is RM3:90/litre..we only pay RM2.70/litre..that is like RM1.20, be rational and grateful..and also try to consume less petrol..have many ways to do that..let me give you some:

1. Use cars that have low "cc" such as Perodua Viva, Proton Saga and et cetera.. smaller engines --> smaller cc --> consume less petrol --> pay less for petrol
2. Carpool
3. Use more frequent the transportation service (buses, LRT, taxis)

thats only a small bit..find ways to reduce the burden..find it yourself..

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Car Comedy"

Malaysia's political scene is full of ups and downs and it is heading towards a complete disaster after our beloved Mahathir resigned and gave his post to his successor, Abdullah or "Pak Lah"..i, personally believe that no one can replace Mahathir..Mahathir is a progressive-thinking other words, he is a Thinker..we all know that and have no doubt about it..but, his successor, Abdullah, does not meet the criteria to be a Prime Minister and he does not portray the good leadership that most leaders have..he won't listen to anyone except himself..unlike Mahathir who is a Thinker, Abdullah is a Dreamer..beria-ria pegi convention sana-sini tapi pegi untuk tido..i saw a vid on YouTube and it was the Islamic convention stuff and of course, Abdullah was there..they broadcast the thing live on national tv..and i'm sure you can guess what our beloved Prime Minister did; sleep soundly while the delegates give out their speeches..syabas Pak Lah!!..are you that sleepy, boy?..or maybe you have loads of mathematics problems to solve since you also hold the Finance Minister post..well buddy, if you need help regarding Math, i'm the man..and Pak Lah, by judging people's reactions, i think that you should tackle the price problems (Rice, Butter, Petrol and et cetera) rather than solving the Law/judiciary problems whatsoever because we Malaysians do not give a damn about it..only you and people at the top are barking about it..if i were you, i would give serious attention on the price problems..i say this because the sky-rocketing price on foods and stuff are driving the people's common sense laa don't you think?..takkanlah tak perasan kot..ntahlah..cakap pon bukannye nak dengar........i'm tired of him..i'm sick of him..he is too stupid to be our Prime Minister..the stupidest PM that we ever had..please Abdullah, change your attitude or resign or do what is necessary for the country..and remember this; stop talking, start listening...

Monday, June 2, 2008

hey world!

hye!..feel a bit awkward but still, i'm gonna try my best to introduce myself ya..
my name is Umar and i'm 17..the youngest out of 4 siblings..i have a moderate family..i'm grateful to what God gave me/us..but i fear that someday, money that we have will be depleted/insufficient..thats my biggest fear =(..anyway i create this blog so that i have a 'wall' for me to scribble things that flash through my could be about math or politics or musics scenes or MUSE or about rubiks could be about anything..and i do not really care whether people know about the existence of my blog..lagi sikit orang tau, lagi banyak aku suka..also i can polish up my english vocab whatsoever using this blog..

4 facts about me:

- in case if you are wondering, Muse is actually an alternative band..comprises of Matthew James Bellamy, Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenhome..they are fugging awesome, brilliant, creative et cetera..sorry for the foul languages; i just cant help it..=D ..most people underrate this majestic band..
i have all their CDs and DVDs..they do not know how to appreciate their powerful music....the song 'Fury', to me, is their Ultimate is near perfect musically and lyrically, prove: the main guitar riffs notes 'turun' scale while the bass notes 'naik' scale (sorry have to use malay words cos i cant figure out the suitable words} and eventually they meet each other after few bars..and that was like fug la wei!!! there any other band that can do that?..i dont think so..they are truly an epic stuff!!! -enough, if you dont know what topic to chitchat with me, just pop out Muse and you wont be disappointed..

- yupp..thats's a piece of cake solving it..i can solve a 2X2, 3X3 and 4X4..5X5 i'm working on it but not in the mean best time for 3X3 is 70s..haha i think only few Malaysians can solve demented-puzzle..its fun, you should try it yourself..and if you feel like buying one, buy the Rubiks brand cos it is smooth and will last longer than other standard some money and buy it..worth every ringgit malaysia you spend..

- i started learning guitar when i was 14..i can still remember learning was tough at first but once you got the rhythm, you're on..i play guitar because i was captivated by Muse songs..i play guitar because of Muse.. =D

- i love math..we should love friends and people always thought that math is only applicable only on papers but the reality is, you can apply it in your daily life..i really use math theory and stuff in my life..i apply what my math teacher/mentor taught me in school et cetera..really, it may sound a bit nerdy but hell, who cares?!..for instance, i use linear programming whenever i'm buying stuff like guitar strings..based on my program, i know how many strings set i should buy so that i didnt waste my me, it helps a lot..if you are a cupid fella, math theory is your friend, buddy..

so thats it for now..i will update my blog if i have no 'aral melintang' could be
about anything.....emm maybe the next post is about politics..yeah maybe....until then, bye..