Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Untuk Dia.

tinggi harapanku,
tak sangka separuh jalan,
jika semua memori kita diletakkan dalam cakera,
akan aku mainkannya setiap hari,
engkau memang cantik,
izinkan aku menatap wajahmu lagi,
kau pijak hatiku lagi,

biar aku lupakan engkau,
asal aku tak sama denganmu,
jangan cemari apa yang dah ada.

Friday, May 15, 2009


ohh my, i open my lappy and guess what?



iwas like, "the hell?. .dem !. .left for a day and. .dem seriously. ."

wakaka, gonna open them. .

Monday, May 11, 2009

Smack right in the face

"If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow."

man. .that is something to me. .

A smack right in the face. .

padan me. .big time. .

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday, 10th of May 2009

J : i thought you were having fun with your bandmates, i saw them. .

U: so if u saw my bandmates in Kelantan, i am gonna be there with them is it?

J: yeah. .it's possible. .it could be. .

U: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . *i said to myself, "the ****??"*

seriously, saya agak terkilan. .i know you are clever enough to understand this, right?. .everything's in sick dumb ****ed up situation. .those lines, including everything, keep on repeating in my thoughts and in my mind. .

P/S : despite all this bullshits, i'm waiting. .that is if you didn't forget about it. .

Thursday, May 7, 2009


it's not the band, duhh. .

well i don't have any specific reasons actually right now. .just feel like typing it. .

but first thing first, emm last few days or should i say last week, there's been a chaotic mess in my chatbox. .it all started with a dude who obviously is not happy with my song. .

so my advice to that dude is, please, if u think that u are better than me, please, do write a song. .but i seriously think that he will not take this challenge from me since he doesn't even know what's an octave is. .aww, that is so lame and moronic of you to comment on people's songs. .seriously, now only i know that moron people will never get satisfied with other people's achievement or doings. .moronic will always find a way to shout bullshits comments. .period.

ok, to the brighter part. ^_^


lazy to edit this post, so i hope it's clear now. .

i actually got three offers to date. .Matriks, Universiti Malaya and UNITEN. .out of these three, the one that has the highest chance for me to get my ass to is UNITEN. .well, i choose UNITEN because of its facilities that it has. .i've been there like twice and so far, i am quite impressed and satisfied with all its facilities. .what i mean by facilities is UNITEN's buildings are kinda new, clean and look very tempting for students to study at. .the cafeteria is above par, their computer labs are good and one thing i kinda cannot wait to be at is their apartment. .from what i can see, the apartment is for four people to stay at once. .and have four rooms which means one person per room. .that is like sooo good bcuz u can have your own room, do whatever you like with it for let say 5 years?. .and i really really do hope that i can get many chinese and maybe indian friends, i just wanna feel what is it like to mix around with other races and i can feel that it is gonna be exciting. .and hopefully i'll get a girlfriend there. .of course it's not my aim but it could be good, you know, have someone to talk to when you are like bored or something. .but anyways, chinese are welcome to knock my door. . ^_^

uuuuhhh~~, interesting eh??. .

next, i can say many of my friends are going to matriks this monday. .i admit, i do feel like kinda left out whenever i think about it because i'm still gonna stuck here in kuantan. .sigh. .and to all of my friends, do not change your phone number. .guys, who knows, maybe 10 years later, i'm gonna invite you all to my wedding right?. .

and, i bought a new lappy , it's Compaq and it is my first lappy and very happy for it's functionality. .getting used to it. .

lastly, gonna have a good time this saturday night and sunday. .sunday i'm having smartniaga and what my sense telling me is this year's smartniaga is not gonna be THAT good. .no way it is gonna be as good as the old days. .haaaa, what a sweet memories. .

so, see ya this Sunday !