Wednesday, September 9, 2009


it's calculus actually..sigh..

i'm having a calculus test this friday (the one that spoils my plan with my sis and alif) and i can say i'm pretty nervous. wuhuuu, am feeling nervous because i have some questions that i understand but i don't know how the method to solve it like "The Long Division method". wow, it looks majestic over there eh?.

anyway, i'm here not to talk about it, i'm here to talk about music. *ehem*.

well, music is part of me, i play music whenever i feel bored or when i need to be entertained.

i have written a quite number of songs, which are;

1. Wonderful
2. Menang
3. Chromatic Expression
4. Serenade No.1, in E major
5. Extraordinary (my favourite)
6. Prelude No.1, in C major
7. Muzzled Voice
8. Sorry for the Late Reply
9. Distress
10. Overture

these are the songs that we probably gonna record later in October, insyaallah.

Muzzled Voice and Distress are 40% complete.

Overture is an 'overture', it is 100% instrumental without any vocals, and I improvise from the Muzzled Voice's riffs.


and i'm working on a disco-dancing-kind-of-song, for now, it is known as 'Rock Robot'.

P/S: "apa barang makan nasi." - Apit