Wednesday, February 11, 2009


today, i went to a pusat bahasa somewhere in kuantan and i was looking for a mandarin language class. i'll be taking the lesson for about 3/4 months and will end just before i go to a university/college. just nice.

why i wanna learn mandarin?. emm, most probably because it is cool for a malay to speak chinese?. well, at least for me. i dunno, i find it quite cool. and uhh, the classes will occupy my time during this long period of holidays. it's better than just sit at home and laze around. u know, doing nothing and all that. at least i have something to focus on. and after few months, i can speak mandarin! the uncle said it is possible for a human being to speak mandarin within 3 months. i'm gonna learn how to speak, but not to read or write. it's complicated. to plunge myself into something new, out of the blue. you feel me?.

i think that's about it. anyway, do not waste your time guys. at least do something while waiting yourself to be absorbed into a university/college. and don't forget about the upu thingy.

you know, i did the job hunting, and it didnt work out. i want to work. i want the experience. i don't want the money, just want the feeling of working, how does it feels to work. but nahh, it think i'll pass. i'm fed up with job hunting. but there's a but, let's say all of the sudden, a shop calls me for work, then i'll go to work. it's just that now, i'm not in the mood of working.

ok, ciao.


P/S: busuk~. . .