Sunday, December 20, 2009

chorus lagu

now it's the time to forgive,
now it's the time to believe,
washing away all the sins,
creating love and happiness.

interesting and this song is quite addictive.

what a line for a chorus.


"Yes Umar, what happened?" - Jiuan

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sorry for the Late Reply/Give Me a Nudge

The gaze,
That you gave to me,
Will always be with me,
And do you know girl,
You are my world,
I believe you're for real,

I try to find my way,
Back into your heart again,
I think I've lost the key,
Straight into your heart again,

Your warmth,
It turns me on,
Your warmth,
Yes, it turns me on,

Do you know girl,
You are my world,
I believe you're for real,
And the gaze,
That you gave to me,
Will always be with me,

I try to find my way,
Back into your heart again,
I think I've lost the key,
Straight into your heart again,

Your warmth,
It turns me on,
Your warmth,
Yes, it turns me on.

another song that i wrote myself. i still can't decide what title should i name this song, it could be 'SFTLR' or 'GMAN'. this song, has the 'circus' kind of sound to it, it's very happy on the music itself but quite 'hoping and expectation' on the lyrics. this song is about 'consoling' someone that you love or like, and hoping that he/she will come back to you and say "it's okay, let's start over again.". this song is really inspired by Jay Chou, and some other chinese songs as well. in this song, i don't play guitar at all, just piano, bass and drums. the piano's riff is quite 'beaty'. i wrote this song after i watched the movie 'Secret' loads of times. and yeah, my bandmates like it. i like it.

P/S: "kalau kau langgar aku, berkecai la kau." - Adib Naqiuddin a.k.a 'Optimus'

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pleiades in Your Heart

Do you still remember when we were one?
I'm losing my grip,
On you and on us,

Can you still remember when we were one?
You're losing your grip,
On you and on us,

The question is now,
Whether can you still remember when we were one?
There is a Pleiades in your heart,
Please shine for me,

And I recall,
The very first line you said,
"We're losing our grip",
"On you and on us",

The question is now,
Whether can you still remember when we were one?
There is a Pleiades in your heart,
Please shine for me.

this is a song that I wrote, just for fun. It sounds a little bit like U2, Guiding Light, Invincible and some other stuff. i 'received' the melody after hearing Hilary Duff's "Hey Now" like for thousands of times. the melody came to me when i was showering. so i sang the melody a lot and walao, one song created. no one ever listened to this song yet, i showed it to Alif once but he was like, "slownya lagu ni......" =.="
it starts with the key of C, the most "complete-soothing-calm-low profile" key to me. and MAYBE, I'll end it with the most unresolved chords of all (well, at least to me), the Maj7 chord, which in this case, is the C Maj7.


P/S: "ha??..the fucking river??" - Jiuan

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You Girls Really Make My Day.

Su Ai, Siew Yin and Jiuan,

thanks for making my day today become an awesome day. i had fun, we had fun.

keep in 'touch' k. ^^

P/S: "Please don't go..." - Ooi Siew Yin

Saturday, October 10, 2009


final is just this monday.

i really looking forward to going back. have few things to do with friends and family.



P/S: "Well, it's a rock band, isn't it?" - Matthew James Bellamy

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


it's calculus actually..sigh..

i'm having a calculus test this friday (the one that spoils my plan with my sis and alif) and i can say i'm pretty nervous. wuhuuu, am feeling nervous because i have some questions that i understand but i don't know how the method to solve it like "The Long Division method". wow, it looks majestic over there eh?.

anyway, i'm here not to talk about it, i'm here to talk about music. *ehem*.

well, music is part of me, i play music whenever i feel bored or when i need to be entertained.

i have written a quite number of songs, which are;

1. Wonderful
2. Menang
3. Chromatic Expression
4. Serenade No.1, in E major
5. Extraordinary (my favourite)
6. Prelude No.1, in C major
7. Muzzled Voice
8. Sorry for the Late Reply
9. Distress
10. Overture

these are the songs that we probably gonna record later in October, insyaallah.

Muzzled Voice and Distress are 40% complete.

Overture is an 'overture', it is 100% instrumental without any vocals, and I improvise from the Muzzled Voice's riffs.


and i'm working on a disco-dancing-kind-of-song, for now, it is known as 'Rock Robot'.

P/S: "apa barang makan nasi." - Apit

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beautiful sound.

Exogenesis: Symphony, Pt. 3 (Redemption), is so beautiful.

i feel very very high whenever i listen to it.

i never felt this way since the very first time i listened to Butterflies and Hurricanes, back then.

"Let's start over again, why can't we start it over again?"

P/S: "Are you a girl?" - Umar Adnan

NK turned on.

i watched WHI on tv3 and the topic was "tilam dan bantal; mengawal nafsu pasangan baru"

they talked about controlling your desire to have xes with your husband/wife during the fasting month.

what i noticed, i can see that Norish Karman was a bit 'over' on this matter. she cracked 'XXX' jokes in front of the camera. well, to be honest, i do like it BUT the thing is, it's like the national tv baby, everyone watches national tv.

there you go, now everyone can see that you're a bit 'thirsty' in a way.


P/S: "If you never make mistakes in music, you never face music." - Grace Alexendra

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lestari Yang Jelas.

you cut too much here, please oh please, bitch, i don't go for you, aku tak hadap kat kau.

i'm puzzled, why and why are you acting like this?. oh come on, grow up please.

regret is the best word that represents what i feel right now. i regret for helping you in soooo many things but hey, this low-life creature has never been grateful. for the first time in my life, i regret for helping someone. let me be clear, i regret for helping you.

and i can bet, you will never survive in the real world, even the daily life. because you know nothing sweetie, extremely fucking blur. your living skills are way too low, lower than your own dignity.

pfft. you can't even pay the parking ticket yourself. twat.

aku tahu kau siapa, kau tahu kau siapa.

Lestari Yang Jelas.

Monday, August 3, 2009


I have listened to Muse's latest single, Uprising.

Let me tell you, it is very 'different' from the Muse that we know.

Matthew 'raps' in this song, very cool and the melody is catchy. I'm not lying.

The guitar is very simple yet very artistic.

As for the bass, it's really fat.

Matthew = A Genius

P/S: "Music is all about feelings, you think it fits, then it's okay." - Grace Chong

Saturday, August 1, 2009


There's only you,
Since I was born,

There's no one who can replace you,
There's no one who can replace you,

You are so magical,
You make my life a miracle,
You turn my darkest sky,
Into a light,
You are so magical,
You make my life a miracle,
You turn my darkest sky,
Into a light,


There's only you,
Since I was born,

There's no one who can replace you,
There's no one who can replace you,

You are so magical,
You make my life a miracle,
You turn my darkest sky,
Into a light,
You are so magical,
You make my life a miracle,
You turn my darkest sky,
Into a light,


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Harus pantas.

Physics di peringkat universiti payah ya. agak jubo di situ. harap dapat back up dengan segera.

Calculus ok, it's my favourite thing. ^^

English best, lecturer aku cantik.

Computer has the best classes over here, laugh-non-stop kind of classes.

P/S: "Guane jig?" - Alif (gila kelakar wei!)


I belong to you.

it's like this.

i want you. so i get to know you, make friends with you, take care of you, walk with you, share laughter and et cetera.

we get closer. and closer.

but, there is a but.

when we get to the stage where we'd say "I belong to you", i isolate myself from you.

i don't feel like knowing you, i don't take care of you, i don't walk with you, i don't share the laughter with you and so on.

i feel like vomitting whenever i see you.

what the fuck is going on?

i can't explain myself.

maybe i still haven't found the right one yet.

P/S : "Umar, what you give, you get back. Bear that in mind." - Zizah


Saturday, July 25, 2009


Biar aku tunggu,
Pasti milikku,
Lekas bangun dari situ,
Jangan buang masa aku,

Siapa dirimu,
Hati yang ku benci,
Siapa dirimu,
Hati yang ku benci,

Ditelan masa,
Dan terus terlena,
Masa untuk kita ubah,
Dan aku pasti kita menang,

Siapa dirimu,
Hati yang ku benci,
Siapa dirimu,
Hati yang ku benci,

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Extraordinary Love


i uhh. .can't help to be amazed whenever i listen to your music.

United States of Eurasia, fucking good. really.

the middle part; strings everywhere, arabic scales up and down, riffs. ohh man, this is just too fucking good.



Monday, July 6, 2009

The Resistance

wow, wow and wow.

MUSE will be releasing the fifth album this fcuking september!!!.

lala~~~~~~~.....(just imagine a choir band for that word)

amazing, magnificent, majestic, awesome, the best, ultra great. THERE'S NO WORD THAT CAN EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE HOW GENIUS MUSE IS.


being honest, i feel like SCREAMING when i saw their track listing. so majestic. so beautiful. so MUSE.


ok, moving on. =.="

i had a great time over here, loads of friends if compared to last time, good facilities, comfortable apartment and hell yeah, just now i studied physics and one thing that i find about physics is that i can easily grab the concept. my secret?. it's because i really love physics. and math.

it was tiring and all that but overall, it was good. i don't care about having clicks here and there, all i care is to be friends with my housemate and my classmates.

MUSE and Jay Chou keep me alive over here.

that's all folks.


Monday, June 22, 2009


i'm back in Kuantan. i miss my family like dem. friends, the usual-faces, my house, my piano and guitar, almost everything.

going to UM is really a precious experience for me. it made me realize that the time for me to really grow up and be an adult has come. it opened my eyes on many things. friends. family. making decisions. loneliness. survival. the inner strength in you. too many to be mentioned.

to be honest, i am a loner at UM. i don't have a friend. i don't have any friends there. just couples of hye-and-bye friends. for the first time in my life, i have no one to talk to, i felt lonely. i can say most of my friends now are moving along with their own lives. we are separated. i guess this is life, friends do come and go. anyways, it was a terrible first week for me at UM, i seriously have no one. i eat alone. i walk alone. i sit alone. i was alone.

there was this time, i was sitting alone and eating at the cafeteria, i often see groups of people eating together. i wanted to feel what it's like to be in that group. it could be fun as people say "the more the merrier". well my point here is, you gotta be friendly to people when you go to any uni. i personally think that i am a shy person, that's why i don't really have friends over there. i will be your friend IF you make the first move. seriously, go ask all of my buddies, ask them "How do you get to know with Umar?". i'm sure 90% of them will say, "well, i was the one who started the conversation with him."

as time passes by, by the second week, my mind realized something, a fact which is quite true to me. i realized that it is time for me to be independent. and now, i just don't care about getting the 'huhahuha' friends in uni because my parents send me to uni to gain knowledge and get the degree, not to hangout and having fun. they invest a big amount of money to send me there. i shouldn't be wasting their money, no, hell no.

i guess that's all about UM.

moving on, last few days my cousins went to cherating beach for holidays and my sister and i paid them a visit. we had fun. mak teh nina ariel apit kak tie were there. apit is immensely funny. paling aku tak boleh bla bila part kat cendol. we were waiting for our cendols and came this one man serving our cendols to us. apit, while taking the cendols from that guy, spontaneously say "lawalah hensem.". serious, aku rasa macam nak ambik perut kambing pastu gigit (okay lame). tak boleh blah. memang aku gelak kaw-kaw kat situ. apit oh apit. on the way back, we went to the beach and apit out of the blue wanted to eat kfc. he eleh, out of all things, kfc?. klakar. ^_^

so that's it for now, i'll do more blogging if i have the time.

i'm bringing my lappy to uni. so, expect to see me on the weekends.


Sunday, June 21, 2009


Sorry, gotta remove this one.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Untuk Dia.

tinggi harapanku,
tak sangka separuh jalan,
jika semua memori kita diletakkan dalam cakera,
akan aku mainkannya setiap hari,
engkau memang cantik,
izinkan aku menatap wajahmu lagi,
kau pijak hatiku lagi,

biar aku lupakan engkau,
asal aku tak sama denganmu,
jangan cemari apa yang dah ada.

Friday, May 15, 2009


ohh my, i open my lappy and guess what?



iwas like, "the hell?. .dem !. .left for a day and. .dem seriously. ."

wakaka, gonna open them. .

Monday, May 11, 2009

Smack right in the face

"If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow."

man. .that is something to me. .

A smack right in the face. .

padan me. .big time. .

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday, 10th of May 2009

J : i thought you were having fun with your bandmates, i saw them. .

U: so if u saw my bandmates in Kelantan, i am gonna be there with them is it?

J: yeah. .it's possible. .it could be. .

U: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . *i said to myself, "the ****??"*

seriously, saya agak terkilan. .i know you are clever enough to understand this, right?. .everything's in sick dumb ****ed up situation. .those lines, including everything, keep on repeating in my thoughts and in my mind. .

P/S : despite all this bullshits, i'm waiting. .that is if you didn't forget about it. .

Thursday, May 7, 2009


it's not the band, duhh. .

well i don't have any specific reasons actually right now. .just feel like typing it. .

but first thing first, emm last few days or should i say last week, there's been a chaotic mess in my chatbox. .it all started with a dude who obviously is not happy with my song. .

so my advice to that dude is, please, if u think that u are better than me, please, do write a song. .but i seriously think that he will not take this challenge from me since he doesn't even know what's an octave is. .aww, that is so lame and moronic of you to comment on people's songs. .seriously, now only i know that moron people will never get satisfied with other people's achievement or doings. .moronic will always find a way to shout bullshits comments. .period.

ok, to the brighter part. ^_^


lazy to edit this post, so i hope it's clear now. .

i actually got three offers to date. .Matriks, Universiti Malaya and UNITEN. .out of these three, the one that has the highest chance for me to get my ass to is UNITEN. .well, i choose UNITEN because of its facilities that it has. .i've been there like twice and so far, i am quite impressed and satisfied with all its facilities. .what i mean by facilities is UNITEN's buildings are kinda new, clean and look very tempting for students to study at. .the cafeteria is above par, their computer labs are good and one thing i kinda cannot wait to be at is their apartment. .from what i can see, the apartment is for four people to stay at once. .and have four rooms which means one person per room. .that is like sooo good bcuz u can have your own room, do whatever you like with it for let say 5 years?. .and i really really do hope that i can get many chinese and maybe indian friends, i just wanna feel what is it like to mix around with other races and i can feel that it is gonna be exciting. .and hopefully i'll get a girlfriend there. .of course it's not my aim but it could be good, you know, have someone to talk to when you are like bored or something. .but anyways, chinese are welcome to knock my door. . ^_^

uuuuhhh~~, interesting eh??. .

next, i can say many of my friends are going to matriks this monday. .i admit, i do feel like kinda left out whenever i think about it because i'm still gonna stuck here in kuantan. .sigh. .and to all of my friends, do not change your phone number. .guys, who knows, maybe 10 years later, i'm gonna invite you all to my wedding right?. .

and, i bought a new lappy , it's Compaq and it is my first lappy and very happy for it's functionality. .getting used to it. .

lastly, gonna have a good time this saturday night and sunday. .sunday i'm having smartniaga and what my sense telling me is this year's smartniaga is not gonna be THAT good. .no way it is gonna be as good as the old days. .haaaa, what a sweet memories. .

so, see ya this Sunday !


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chromatic Expression

let me elaborate a bit about this song.

i wrote this song when i was in F3, wayyyy back then. that time, i wrote for myself, i never thought of forming a band with anyone since i don't know who can play this and that. this song is in A Major, so it's quite happy but i made it look like it's kinda sad by writing pessimistic lyrics.

this song is entirely inspired by the magnificent, one and only, Muse. (heheh, a bit "over", don't you think? well, whatever.). i name it 'Chromatic Expression' because the riffs of this song have chromatic scale.

the verse is 'dark', 'down', 'failing', 'giving up'. but, the pre-chorus is like a small little hope trying to emerge and finally the chorus is very positive if it's compared to the verses. the chorus is like the 'sunshine' of this song.

this song is 4.41 minutes long.

i would seriously love to put this song in my blog but it is very 'raw', haven't done the mixing process yet. so, i'll just post the lyrics here.

Chromatic Expression

My trust in you,
Overused and abused,
Life just carries on,
When you're dead and gone,
When you're dead and gone.

Your gaze beams a hole in me,
Your gaze beams a hole in me.

I feel my whole world,
Crushed, destroyed completely,
When you're out of here,
Hold you in my arms,
Cast away your tears,
Fight away your fears.

One day,
You will pay,
All the price,
It won't suffice.

Your gaze beams a hole in me,
Your gaze beams a hole in me.

I feel my whole world,
Crushed, destroyed completely,
When you're out of here,
Hold you in my arms,
Cast away your tears,
Fight away your fears.

Written by : Umar

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ini random lah sayang. . .

see, that picture right there, is what we call "random". .that's my cousin, we did cam whoring. .

okay, for the first paragraph, i'm gonna write in malay, i didn't write malay for quite some time now, i feel awkward when i write malay now, i gotta practice, so let's get it started.

That blue 'creature', i made it myself, inspired by ben ten's diamondhead~. another random. .

sekarang ni, jiwa rasa sikit kosong (uish, i feel poyo laa to write in malay). .duduk rumah, tgk tv, besarkan bontot, msg with busuk, main gitar, keluar sekali sekala, itu saja. .kadang-kadang rasa jugak sunyi, bila sunyi je, ajak keluar dengan jollene, itupun bukanlah selalu. .rasa macam nak buat je benda yang aku takkan dapat buat banyak kali sekarang ni, macam bungee jump ke, apa apa pon jadi lah. .
okay, there's another random, that's 'mica', my cutest little cat~. mica~~

shit man~, enough talking in malay, i really do feel awkward writing in malay~. .well, need to spice things up over here. .in this post i'm gonna talk a lil' bit about my songs that i wrote and about my 'new' addiction.

that picture, that is me, with my brother's acoustic guitar, i use that to write songs.

i bought a. . . . .okay, now i feel like blushing to say this~. . .i bought a. . . .i bought a gameboy micro. . .haha, u can laugh all u want at me~. . .i mean, i bought it for fun, i am not that serious on it after all and the price is quite shocking, it is very cheap for a gaming console. .that's why i bought it. . .anyways, i'm playing pokemon now and my charizard is level 42 now~. .hehe. . .i mean, come on guys~. .it is not something bad and there's nothing to be ashamed of when u play games rite?. .i mean it's like temporary satisfaction, after i go to further studies, that thing could be gone for good. .so, i don't see anything kiddo about it~. .and aunty ling once said to me, it's something sounds like this "oma u should do things that u want this holiday before going to college". .hell yeah aunty, i'll do that. .hah. .

still remember this busuk?. .

ok, music time. .in the past few months, i've been creating songs. .i write it for fun, at least i do have something to do when i have free time during this nothingness-months-before-going-for-college. .i created like 5-6 songs, the songs varies, love to politics, u get what i mean. .let me list u the name of the song that i created:

-Chromatic Expression
-Hati yang ku benci
-Awake (it's ours, not mine~)

well, that is me. .need not elaborations. .

from these, Wonderful and Awake are the two songs that i wrote about my life and very meaningful to me. .Wonderful is about not giving up even if u fall down, parents got ur back, life is wonderful and it is wonderful to know that u love someone that is really important to u, someone that u care a lot about. .then Awake, Awake i got it after i dreamt of something (this dream, i can't tell about it, it's personal), then i told her about it and she wants to work on it too. .this song is about us entirely. .this song is ours, no one else, just u and me, ours. .

okie dokie, i got nothing to say already. .it's enough. .

P/S: thank you to those who wished me happy birthday; my busuk, alif, azraai, aishah, nina, my sisters, and so many more, i just couldn't put it here, but u guys will always be remembered by me. .


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

This 28th of March 2009, turn off your lights for an hour starting from 8.30pm until 9.30pm. let us make something that will embed on our mind forever.

I am in.

Be in it, make it a "one crowded hour".


Thursday, March 12, 2009

I thank you, God.

I got my result, it's pretty good, i'm really satisfied with what i get. most of us scored like hell in SPM. and studying engineering will definitely be my next main focus.

this is my results;

Bahasa Melayu - A1
Bahasa Inggeris - A1
Sejarah - A1
Mathematics - A1
Additional Mathematics - A1
Physics - A1
Lukisan Kejuruteraan - A1

the other three, just B's. Period.

I would like to thank these wonderful people;
God, Mak dan Ayah, my family, cikgu Rohana, "Miss" Azora, cikgu Mahyuddin, cikgu Anita, Pn. Tan, Madam Lau, Miss Irene, Uztaz Alias, cikgu Syazwani, cikgu Noni, Mr. Tan, cikgu Sara, cikgu Rosli, cikgu Rahmat, Apit, Fazrol, Chee Khong, Adam, Adib and lastly to my one and only "bestest" friend, Yee Jun.

To Wen Jun: thanks a lot for the concern, you are way cuter and more beautiful than last time. Study hard this year and I believe you can do better than me.

Thank you and Xie xie and Terima kasih.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


today, i went to a pusat bahasa somewhere in kuantan and i was looking for a mandarin language class. i'll be taking the lesson for about 3/4 months and will end just before i go to a university/college. just nice.

why i wanna learn mandarin?. emm, most probably because it is cool for a malay to speak chinese?. well, at least for me. i dunno, i find it quite cool. and uhh, the classes will occupy my time during this long period of holidays. it's better than just sit at home and laze around. u know, doing nothing and all that. at least i have something to focus on. and after few months, i can speak mandarin! the uncle said it is possible for a human being to speak mandarin within 3 months. i'm gonna learn how to speak, but not to read or write. it's complicated. to plunge myself into something new, out of the blue. you feel me?.

i think that's about it. anyway, do not waste your time guys. at least do something while waiting yourself to be absorbed into a university/college. and don't forget about the upu thingy.

you know, i did the job hunting, and it didnt work out. i want to work. i want the experience. i don't want the money, just want the feeling of working, how does it feels to work. but nahh, it think i'll pass. i'm fed up with job hunting. but there's a but, let's say all of the sudden, a shop calls me for work, then i'll go to work. it's just that now, i'm not in the mood of working.

ok, ciao.


P/S: busuk~. . .

Thursday, January 15, 2009

How can we win? When fools can be kings. Don't waste your time or time will waste you.

hello there,
i'm back from Youth 09'. it was a *bomb*. i never been to a fair that is made by youth for youth before. it was fun, we walked here and there, buy cheap clothes (but the quality is superb), did "coffee talk, hawker woks". and got many photoshoots going on that day, hah i never thought i would do that crazy stuff.

here is some of the pics that i snapped;

The faces of youth of Malaysia.

The faces of youth of Malaysia.

A good one indeed. but i can't agree on it totally, i mean it is all up to you. if u work hard enough and know how to grab opportunities, you're on the game buddy. and, remember, knowledge comes first. to win the race, knowledge is the best ride that you can ever get.

Cheating in exams. well, don't cheat on every exams. and don't copy everything from your friends. exams are for you, to each everyone of us. to evaluate how good you are, to test whether you listen to what your teacher taught you or not. don't cheat a lot. work hard and study smart if you want to be successful. cheating on some questions is still tolerable tho.

Politics. yes, it is an interesting thing to talk about. Malaysia's political scene is full of spices and most recently is about the members of Pakatan Rakyat, fight with each other. how pathetic. this clearly shows that they can never administrate our country. look at Barisan, doing just fine and getting along very well. we, the youth, are going to be the future leaders of this very own land. please, wake up and be competitive to other races. don't just think having fun all the time.

no offense but i don't respect women who smokes. sorry to say but i don't see any pride in you anymore if you smoke. i hate it.

What the heck?. how daring to ask such question. i feel embarrassed after reading this banner. man, you should have shut yourself up and just keep it to yourself. it is a lot better like that.

this picture below, really caught my attention. i stalled for a moment after i saw this banner. it is 'original' to me.

"What is the best way to gain happiness?". ohh my, it is a big question mark right over there. everyone has their own way to achieve satisfaction, excitement and i am pretty sure that the way they execute it, will never be the same each time. me?. i find happiness through my family. i find happiness through music. through Muse. and my friends give happiness to me. before i saw this banner, i never ask myself this question. i never did. it somehow makes me appreciate better the meaning of happiness.

i'll end it here. i'll put on more pic on the next post. blogspot is a moron, can't do too many things at once.