Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Muzzled Voice.

I can't get this thing out of my mind. I kept thinking about it, imagined what would happen about it, thinking where would this thing go at the end.

these few days, i surfed the internet and found few Malaysians wrote about this thing.
and this thing is about 'R'.
you know, all the perkasa thingy, school's headmistress thing, church's thing and so on.
I don't see a point why on Earth these so called Malaysians want to debate about it.
it's going nowhere my friend.

if you debate it just for the sake of showing who is more superior, either you or them, it's just plain stupid.

I read an article about Tan Sri Muhy...
in the article, he said something that sounds like this "Even 'they' can have their own perkasa. we never did stop them from doing so."
i was like "huh?".
Do you really have to make that statement?
Do you have to provoke others by saying that?
To me, that statement could set the racial tension that we have since independence on fire.

I know some people would say "hey you should have race-proud in you!".
Yes, I really know that.
I wouldn't sell my own country to others.
But let us think this way.
If we can put these things behind us and supress the feeling of being superior, just imagine how awesome Malaysia could be.

I said this to my sister "They think they are better than us. They are 'better' just because long time ago they were sent to live in the cities. Think about what would happen the other way round, we live there and they live here. Of course, I believe we will become just like them, better than them."
It's a fact that they control the economy. Even our PM said, "Malaysia wouldn't be what it is today if it is not because of them."
Mahathir said in his blog, "They control the economy and some other fields. They possess most of the wealth of this country."
But still we can hear little voices saying "I want a post in the Government, I want this, I want that."
Ohh come on now, seriously.

You have the wealth but now you're asking for power?
We must think rationally and logically.
We don't give the posts to others due to a reason.
The reason is, we don't have that much of wealth like you, so we all have to compensate by leaving the power to us and and the wealth to you.
The wealth that you have now is more than enough.
You will think: "Wow, just leave all the wealth to them???"
The trick is: With money, it doesn't mean that you can have power.
But with power, you can definitely get money.

Now there's a question surfaced: Why do we have less wealth than them?
Yes, interesting.
The Government made a 'dasar' (I dont know what is it called in English), which was meant for us.
But unfortunately, we do not know how to take this advantage made for us.
Possibly, one of the reasons why we become like this is because we are scared to be labelled as a racist ass.
We shouldn't be scared you know.
One way to tackle this problem is to think like this;
If they were to say to you, that you are a racist, then they are just the same like you, a racist.
Why would you say we are racists when you yourself play around with the racial issues?

If I give you money, you guys will hail me, hidup panjang yay!

But when I give the money to my family, children, son, daughter (you name it), you will question me why are you doing this? You racist fcuk.

Irony isn't it? ^_^

Conclusion, please be rational in what we say and in what we do.