Thursday, October 23, 2008

See you all soon, byebye!

this is my last post. actually it's a bit sad.

well, in this post, i'm gonna write about people that cast away my fears towards SPM, things that make me feel not afraid of SPM and life after SPM.

first, the people that i love, that is important to me and people that eliminates my fear;

apit, i just wanna say thanks a lot to you. i really appreciate what u told me and that talk was meaningful to me. frankly, i feel like SPM is just pieces of papers after we end our chat that night, i dont feel that afraid anymore. fuck, you really eliminate my fears man. thanks.

Abang Atan.
without that hug, i can bet that i would explode in any moment. but thank God you were there at that time. i feel the load fell off my back. so lega now.

Abang Shafiq dan Bapak.
thanks a lot. abang shafiq gave me the spirit before he went back to Bentong. i don't feel scared of SPM that much anymore. i'll just relax and chill. breathe in deep.

Cikgu Faridah.
cikgu, thanks a lot to you. you really give me the light of hope, calmness and spirit to me. that talk was meaningful to me, really, it helps. i never thought i should be feeling happy to sit for SPM. "oma, rasa seronok bila nak jawab SPM. . .". the moment i heard the word 'seronok', i feel like bursting into tears but i just chill and mute myself. seriously, i never thought of that word.

Mr. Tan.
Sir, without you, i am 100% sure that i cannot excel in my studies especially in Addmath. and you gave me lots of tips on how to prepare and answer SPM questions.

Cikgu Noni.
cikgu memang menaikkan semangat saya terutamanya untuk menjawab BM. "alaah, SPM tu kacang je. . .". ayat tu memang mengurangkan ketakutan saya terhadap SPM. dan aku rasa apa yang cikgu cakap memang betul.

my mom always give support to me especially during exam time. she is the hope and give light to me. i don't feel that scared anymore.

Pn. Lau.
she is like the mother to most of us. i believe she cares about her students by heart. she loves to teach, love it with passion. it is a rare event for her not to be in class. always be there for us.

ms. piggy.
i feel like writing your name here but i don't want you to feel bad or anything. but, never mind that. she gives me the inspiration to study hard. concern about me . always be there for me whenever i am down. sometimes she makes me pissed off. but most of the time, she makes me feel wonderful.

one of the things that make me feel uplifted and not scared of SPM is a song from Muse called Invincible. there is this part of the song, the lyrics is nice.
this is the snippet of the lyrics.

"Don't give up the fight,
you will be all right,
because there is no one like you,
in the Universe."

okay, here comes the part where i find it both interesting and sad;

My life after SPM is over;

- no more text book

- no more the good old baju sekolah

- no more breakfast early in the morning

- no more homework

- no more BIG laughs with Zulfikri.

- i can't cabut Fazrol's bulu anymore.

- gonna miss my teachers

- no more chit-chat with Pn. Azora

- no more canteen

- gonna miss my friends.

- no more studying

- can't tease Alif anymore

- will talk less with Adib

- no need to wake up early

- do not need ties anymore

- can't laugh out loud in class

- no more listening to radio while going to school

i believe this is the end now. before i go, please pray for me and also to all of my friends so that we can achieve great results and excel in life as well. forgive me if i have done anything wrong to you all.

P/S: quite frustrated now, but never mind. .it'll subside soon. .take care sunshine. .