Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Tortoise

let us give a warm welcome to 2009. heh i'm quite shocked, time is so fast nowadays, dashing towards the end. to me, 2008 can be considered one of my best year in my life. many things happened in this particular year. you name it; sadness, happiness, laughter, joy, bliss. if i were to list all of them, it won't fit this blog page.

i feel kinda awkward when i'm writing this post. maybe it's because i didn't online that much since SPM is over. my life is boring right now, i'm bored stiff. all that i do during my holidays is just play my guitar, listen to Muse, talking to panda and taking my license. just that. that's it.

resolution. do you guys have any?. i think i have few of them. this resolution, i can say that, it is my 'first time'. before this, i don't take this that seriously. i mean, i just get through the year without any proper plannings whatsoever. anyway. i have some resolutions, they are;

1. i will be patient and get a nice grip on my emotions. i will not get mad easily. in other words, i'm not a hot tempered guy this year. please.

2. i will plan before i act. like, i already have in mind what i am going to study in the university. most probably Quantity Surveying bcuz it involves physics, math and LK. i said 'most probably' because i might consider other things such as job opportunity.

3. overcome some 'disorder' that i possess.

i believe that is all. i don't want to make too many resolutions because i know myself, i know my limit. if i have too many, i won't be able to achieve every single one of them. so let me keep it simple like it is now.

car license. i'm pissed by the service that the pmc or kmc, (whatever about the name) gave to me. they booked for the static test on 23rd of December 2008 (that was last year, hah) but, they cancelled it in the last minute. they told me to wait for their call. i waited for too long that i can't stand it anymore. i told my pakcik about it and he went there to settle things down. this time, they twist the fact, "kami tunggu panggilan daripada encik.". what the heck?. stupid moron.

ahah, about Muse!!!. ohh my, my blood is rushing all over my veins right now. Muse. Muse. Muse. they are going to release their fifth album this year!. i just cannot wait. i cannot wait. and, i told panda about the album and she's looking forward to it. Muse is going to release a 'Symphonic Monster', the hardest song ever. just reading the name, 'Symphonic Monster', gives me a bloody spine chill, goosebumps. it's a three section song, comprises of different genres and it would probably lasts for 13 minutes. i believe piano, guitar, bass, drums, synth, are gonna blend into one and boom, there you have it, a 'Symphonic Monster'. who would have thought of that, a 'Symphonic Monster'??. my god. Matt, you are such a Genius. i think i'm running out of words now, so i better leave it here, for now. because to me, there is no word that can even begin to describe how powerful Muse is, how brilliant Muse is. ok Oma, enough~.

ohh and i cracked the code given by Muse to their fans!!!. i solved it myself. i feel special.

guitar and my band. i finally found the tone that i find it quite similar to what was Matt's tone when he was on the Absolution Tour. but the tone that i found is like 4 years behind, way back. i'm trying to find the guitar tone he is having now. i would describe his current tone as 'crispy on the treble, punching on the midrange and fat on the bass'. hell, no one can achieve that. only Matt does. maybe the pickup of his guitar holds the key to that tone. anyway, my band is better than last time and we're now 'trying' to write some songs. but be warned, we are not gonna make music as a living. just for pure excitement.

i think i'll stop now.

Happy New Year to all!


p/s: it was a meaningful chat indeed. i poured it out to u. and hopefully, we'll find unlimited joy on this new year eh?. now, we start a new chapter.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

it's finally over.

i feel quite lost after SPM. i just feel empty. i really do not like this kind of feelings, it makes you feel uneasy. anyway, i'm glad it's over. finally, it's over. . .

Thursday, October 23, 2008

See you all soon, byebye!

this is my last post. actually it's a bit sad.

well, in this post, i'm gonna write about people that cast away my fears towards SPM, things that make me feel not afraid of SPM and life after SPM.

first, the people that i love, that is important to me and people that eliminates my fear;

apit, i just wanna say thanks a lot to you. i really appreciate what u told me and that talk was meaningful to me. frankly, i feel like SPM is just pieces of papers after we end our chat that night, i dont feel that afraid anymore. fuck, you really eliminate my fears man. thanks.

Abang Atan.
without that hug, i can bet that i would explode in any moment. but thank God you were there at that time. i feel the load fell off my back. so lega now.

Abang Shafiq dan Bapak.
thanks a lot. abang shafiq gave me the spirit before he went back to Bentong. i don't feel scared of SPM that much anymore. i'll just relax and chill. breathe in deep.

Cikgu Faridah.
cikgu, thanks a lot to you. you really give me the light of hope, calmness and spirit to me. that talk was meaningful to me, really, it helps. i never thought i should be feeling happy to sit for SPM. "oma, rasa seronok bila nak jawab SPM. . .". the moment i heard the word 'seronok', i feel like bursting into tears but i just chill and mute myself. seriously, i never thought of that word.

Mr. Tan.
Sir, without you, i am 100% sure that i cannot excel in my studies especially in Addmath. and you gave me lots of tips on how to prepare and answer SPM questions.

Cikgu Noni.
cikgu memang menaikkan semangat saya terutamanya untuk menjawab BM. "alaah, SPM tu kacang je. . .". ayat tu memang mengurangkan ketakutan saya terhadap SPM. dan aku rasa apa yang cikgu cakap memang betul.

my mom always give support to me especially during exam time. she is the hope and give light to me. i don't feel that scared anymore.

Pn. Lau.
she is like the mother to most of us. i believe she cares about her students by heart. she loves to teach, love it with passion. it is a rare event for her not to be in class. always be there for us.

ms. piggy.
i feel like writing your name here but i don't want you to feel bad or anything. but, never mind that. she gives me the inspiration to study hard. concern about me . always be there for me whenever i am down. sometimes she makes me pissed off. but most of the time, she makes me feel wonderful.

one of the things that make me feel uplifted and not scared of SPM is a song from Muse called Invincible. there is this part of the song, the lyrics is nice.
this is the snippet of the lyrics.

"Don't give up the fight,
you will be all right,
because there is no one like you,
in the Universe."

okay, here comes the part where i find it both interesting and sad;

My life after SPM is over;

- no more text book

- no more the good old baju sekolah

- no more breakfast early in the morning

- no more homework

- no more BIG laughs with Zulfikri.

- i can't cabut Fazrol's bulu anymore.

- gonna miss my teachers

- no more chit-chat with Pn. Azora

- no more canteen

- gonna miss my friends.

- no more studying

- can't tease Alif anymore

- will talk less with Adib

- no need to wake up early

- do not need ties anymore

- can't laugh out loud in class

- no more listening to radio while going to school

i believe this is the end now. before i go, please pray for me and also to all of my friends so that we can achieve great results and excel in life as well. forgive me if i have done anything wrong to you all.

P/S: quite frustrated now, but never mind. .it'll subside soon. .take care sunshine. .

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

finally, raya is here. and that is a Yahoo! for me. actually, not really. i do not want to over enjoy it till i forget everything that i studied.
so, i'm going back to my kampung the 2nd day of raya and maybe i'll be back in kuantan the very next day. don't want to be there that long since i have lots to study.

so, i wish u all, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maff Zahir dan Batin.

forgive me if i did something wrong to you guys. and good luck in the upcoming SPM.

P/S: be the first and if possible, please hold on throughout the night. .

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sex in pain, keeps me alive, yes.

just ignore the title, don't take it seriously.

that picture up there was taken after our act during Teacher's Day 08'. i suddenly stumble across it just now.

i changed my mind. i won't do any video due to "lack of determination and insufficient equipment". i feel quite frustrated lately. anyway, do watch the song. click it.

alright, see you then.



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Huggable, Sleepable, Comatoseable

yes!!. finally i manage to swim through it. some are easy but some are just too damn hard for me. well generally, i think im better this time than the previous one. so in this post, i'm gonna talk about my trial and some other stuff. staying up late; it pays off man.

so, i'll review each paper that i took.

Bahasa Melayu
yeah man, i do believe that i kick ass in the karangan section.
everyone in my class did actually.
i was very nervous when i get the paper.
i fear that i would be blank when i'm about to write something.
but luckily, "u just have to believe in yourself and write".
thanks ya.

Bahasa Inggeris
essay just a so-so.
poems and story brilliantly answered.
summary like shit, i never feel this hard before. why did they issue it? sigh.
novel ok.
it's not as good as before la.

i nearly cried la when i get to know my marks.
i feel pelik why i can't score.
it's a "byebye".
enough said.

Pendidikan Islam
heh, i thought it would be easy but turns out the other way leh.
there was this section about Quran verses.
u have to know/memorise them but i do not.
so, i left them blank.

the night before it, i really study and stay up till late at night.
and it really pays off.
i was shaking happy when i receive my paper 1 result.
BUT, it's not that i'm proud or anything.
i just wanna share it with u.
and i hope that my P2 and P3 also as high as the P1
i really hope i got it high.

when i was writing this post, i called my friend and he told me something.
and you know what that is?. i got 94% for Math.
i "bang" hard rite?.
looking forward for SPM.

Additional Mathematics
my forte'.
my love.
it's my favourite subject besides Physics.
anyway, i didn't do that well in P2.
but it's enough for an A.
and there's a one who laughed at me getting low.
it's okay buddy, after all that i taught u and stuff, u do deserve to laugh at me right?
thanks but no thanks.
"u shoo him away from ur thoughts k?. .and shoot him away with ur marks. ."
what a quote from u la.
it really gives me hope in kicking "someone" ass.

Lukisan Kejuruteraan
i believe i am better this time.
i just tembak some like "tangent".
don't get the concept.
but, it's more than okay la actually.

im WAY better this time.
trust me, i won't fail.
but just the paper 2.
i find it very hard la
i even have the time to colour my periodic table of elements since i have so much time left during paper 2.
but paper 3, damn! i NEVER feel that easy before in my life.
i answered it with "colours".

the first part quite tricky.
and the essay, i really like what i wrote.
i think it would be higher this time.

this is my Periodic Table of Elements.
heheh. =b

so, that is all people. conclusion, i think i would kick ass in this exam, much better than my recent exam. i actually deserve it because i studied and i did it smartly. guys, do not study hard but smartly. and do not give up if u fail or something. to me, i prefer to fail in trial than in SPM.
and i'm quite happy with my life at the moment. =D. there's more light to it. i promise, i won't do that la. it's just that i'm joking with u wei, don't take it seriously k. "that" thing is only for me, i won't share it with anyone. i promise u. miss me, msg me.
ohh before i forget, guys, this raya please use it as the time to study. i'll enjoy myself the first two days. then i'll start my engine back. just an opinion from me.
okay, i'm done!.
see u later eh.
*my combed hair*

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tina oh Tina...

i'm buzy with studying since trial is just few days away..i might not be around for these few weeks..i have to for my own sake..and i'll be back after the trial and that is like, 3 weeks from now??..heh..gonna miss this blog..


last few snaps..did these after pissa.. ; )


P/S: i think i've improved in chemistry tremendously (for my level laa) i can do lots of question which i can't do in the past...ohh btw!, Tina, its fun talking to you but you sombong and jual mahal with me!.. =b..haha!....and let us keep "that" only between us ya?.. =D


Thursday, August 28, 2008

"A Cheesy Unity on Two?"

it is not my problem...
i didn't say a word...
i never did...
i never did...
who told you to agree?...
i didn't say anything...
why do you agree?...
i didn't say anything...
why are you mad at me?...
i didn't say anything...
who told them to tebal their muka?...
why are you so excited?...
why eh?...
funny, how pathetic...
now you're blaming me...

it's okay...
i know...
aku tak akan jadi pandai walaupun aku tak pergi...
so, why bother to go, really?...
at least, i am well-conscious and i realize that 'it' is coming, fast...
i believe i am not clever and ready enough to face 'it'...
i do not care if you wanna give me a splendid isolation, i just don't...
because i didn't say anything...

A Cheesy Unity on Two???...



P/S : "don't let it affect yourself and your mood...", it is not going to affect me..thanks ya..

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another 25 to go. . .

school will re-open tomorrow.. shit..

anyway, i'm here to share with you something..

it happened on the 14th of August 2008, 4:10pm..

i was playing my guitar and of course, i played the magnificent MUSE.. XD ..i planned to record my playings and i did record it..and i played the guitar and message with ms. piggy at the same time..yeah we chat and chat for quite a long time..all of the sudden, while i was playing the guitar, my phone blinked again and again..i thought it was the alarm..but after taking a closer look, it was an incoming call..and it was ms.piggy..whoa!..i was like, shocked..never, before this, she called me whatsoever..pfff..i answered the call and for 4 seconds, no sound whatsoever.. @_@ ..i was blank for awhile..i stared at my phone, idle..i called her back and without my expectation, she answered..

Umar: "did you call me just now?..why?"

Ms.piggy: "yeah yeah, sorry sorry!!!..i accidentally call you!!..i pushed the wrong button!!..sorry sorry!!! (she snorted)"

Umar: "oh yeah yeah, sure..ok bye bye.."

hahah, it was a very gelabah conversation i tell ya..she panicked a bit..i can tell by the way she talked to me in that do i actually..and your giggles are kinda cute..heh it was cute..

and it happened while i was playing Starlight..i have the recorded video..and the "hello-moment" is on the video..but i stop to record it when i called her back.. XD

here it is;

i cut my hair today, it is better i think..of course, it is shorter..i look more 'mature'..haha..

miss me, message me...

another 25 to go. . .



i bought Hujan and quite impressing actually but i do not like BAST in this album, it kinda lost its touch..the guitar solo effect sounded really cheap..but this album opens a new chapter for the band..well done..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To Ms. Piggy

I'm away for two days only..I'll be back after a sweet, kind girl while I am not around ok?..I am gonna miss u..take care, my dear..

miss me, message me...

Loads of love,

Sunday, August 17, 2008


school's holidays are! its the time for me to sleep a lot and rest a bit..but still, i have to study because SPM is just only few days away...anyway, Lee Chong Wei got silver medal for us..well, at least he got something for us..

speaking of which, haha yesterday i whammed my so-called iron safe with a sledge hammer and a screw driver to retreive something that is valueable to me..i whammed it because i lost the key and it remains locked for like 2 i have a purpose and it was fun.. =D..i smashed it until the locks broke apart, it took me about 10 minutes..i opened and took what's inside..

AND, without my expectations, i met again with my beloved Gold medal which was given to me when i was in Form 2..ahh, im walking down a sweet, loving memory lane now.. =D...heh the Gold medal was awarded to me during the SMART's 2005 Sports Day..on the medal, there are lines embedded on it, it says:

SMART KE-37 2005

yeah, i was the undisputed champion..yay!.. =D..why do i feel so bangga with it?'s why;

1. It was my maiden participation in that particular game.
2. I beat ALL the guys from other forms (in my catagory); Form 1 and even Form 3..hell yeah, i was in Form 2 that time. =D
3. It was the last event for the particular game. now, it is gone since then.
4. I was the underdog.

my farthest throw in that game was 21.90 metre..everyone else was like 17-18 metres strength tops them..haha =D


Monday, August 11, 2008

My trials and tribulations

I tak puas hati with this one..I really, REALLY tak puas hati..aku rase sangat terganggu kerana please stop avoiding me and act like normal..i feel annoyed you know..I am trying to make friends but obviously you read me at the wrong page....

You're such a mess
7 hours feeling dead,
Your phoney act,
Does not make me feel sad,

You will not find it in me,
It is better,
Wake up in reality,
You're revealing all your shames again...

Monday, August 4, 2008

dah habis dah

i never thought my previous post would cause such little havoc inside out..i really never thought about that...i feel a bit worried because i fear my teachers would read my blog and develop wrong perceptions towards me..anyway, they can read my blog..i welcome them with open arms..

the thing here is, i do not wanna use this blog/people to think that i use this blog as one of my arsenal to bombard people around never crossed my mind..if i ever offended some people who had read my blog, i did not mean it..i'm sorry because these few days back, i feel something isn't right..i believe that i somehow violate my motto of life, "Less is More"..

so, this is my last post regarding to that black/dark know, i welcome any comments from you guys, it is healthy to post such comments because you channel your thoughts instead of just keeping a tight grip onto could lead you into something nasty if you do not express your thoughts on someone/ could demolish you in and out..

and to Lily, i really appreciate your views on that issue and i would love you to visit my blog often because you might have your own thoughts about issues that i might be posting..i welcome your comments with arms wide open..i really do..and i do not hold a grudge whatsoever on you after you commented one of my post..i do not because i believe the term "free speech" does apply in this short, colourful teacher once said "you should have stress in your life in an apropriate amount and manner"..

dah habis dah..

P/S: habishh daa.. =D..btw, if my previous/upcoming post's title doesn't make any sense and has the ", then it is an anagram..and nice fringe tho.. =D

Saturday, August 2, 2008

"A Rounded Dusty Notion"

have you read panic urine wish a.k.a generic linkup?..does it offend you? you feel offended?..i know it had caused mix reactions and "offended" some people..since i posted that thing, i receive both positive and negative feedback from Tom, Dick and Harry..and there is a particular one that caught my attention..this particular one does not agree with my opinion and she kept telling me to stop doing such things and start thinking about other people's feeling..i accept his/her view with an open is her right to pour his/her heart out..

however, in this post, i am not gonna back off and run away and hide..instead, i am going to write back and respond to what that particular one said in his/her comment..

one by one, step by step..

"i know that the particular person had done wrong
but u have to remember that person too is a human being no matter how bad
is still a human being"

- ok before that, bear in mind that; stealing = a crime, killing = a crime..if that is the case, Aerial Sharon who had killed thousands of people regardless their race and religion, should be declared not guilty and we should give him a second chance because he is just a human being too rite?..we, make mistakes..we are born to make them rite? after reading this post, we should make friends and support those Israel citizens and give them a second chance..pity them..they are humans rite? please i beg you to give them a, no hard feelings with them after this ok?..ohh! not to forget G.Bush who discriminates and conquers and kills many people including children in Iraq just to suck up their oil..please forgive and forget him, he is just a human being no matter how bad it is..people who commit crimes should be forgiven definitely because they are just humans like us..

"'re saying all this because that person is not a friend of yours."

- i still remember when i was a kid, there was this kid, a friend of mine, stole my finest and my favourite toy from was an action figure of Gundam..when i realize that something is not right, i went to him and ask him about it because he came to my house and we shared toys and suddenly, the toy is, he should be the suspect right?..anyway, when i have a strong base proof, i came to him and ask him politely "kau ada ambik tak mainan aku?"..he kencing me by saying that he didnt know anything about it..i turned purple with rage..i couldn't control myself..he was eating at that, i pushed away his meals and grabbed his collar and curse him..i gave tonnes of them and he cried..i tried to bash him but the animal in me suddenly gone..i left him and went back to my eyes were glassy, flooded with water..i manage to get a grip..the next day, friends asked me what happened and i told them that he stole my Gundam and i tell them everything about it..later, he kindly "return" my toy back and he admit that he did steal it from me..well, i forgive him and never make friend with him, thing is, if you do not fuck with me or people around me, i won't be making noises..tak kesahlah fazrol ke, alif ke, aku akan bising tapi masalahnya, aku percaya yang mereka takkan tergamak nak buat mende yang jahat..
alaa, kalau fazrol tu buat nakal, aku cabut bulu dia, senyaplah dia..kan fazrol?? =D heheheh..

"Fair enough.
This outsider knows nothing about what happened in your class.
but this outsider had experience things outside the class. well, i am an outsider.
so i experience things outside."

- if i am not mistaken, the stealing thingy happened in my class, inside my, if you're an outsider, who knows everything on the outside, why bother to know what's inside?..

"but what i don't understand is,
why is the people,who are not a victim,
also feel like killing her?"

- suppose you have a lovely little kitten (i do have one), get beaten by a larger cat, what would you do?..if you are sane, i believe you would go there and kick the larger cat's balls rite?..ok another example, you have a friend, you have known him quite for a long time..suddenly, he is cheated by a mere man and that man stole something priceless to your friend, let's say a pendrive that was given by his mother..wouldn't you feel angry, at least you would say "palat punya orang", at that man?..of course..i would feel that because i love my doesn't apply only to your love ones, but also to your friends..btw, i didn't say i feel like killing someone neither on this post nor that i right?

"well my dear friends,

we are actually delighted to see someone make a mistake,
so see someone being punished.
it seems like we're back in the roman era."

- are you sure you have read my post thoroughly?..did you read the last part of the post?'s okay, i'll paste it in case you missed that part out;

i wrote,

"do not you feel remorse after what had happened today?..when will you seek absolution?..just a reminder, you will be the bad apple in the society if you keep doing, stop before it is too little too late.."

do you see any words that glorifies happiness?..did i cheer or laugh or smile or tease or insult that particular one?..what i did and trying to say is that particular one should stop doing the bad things before it gets worse..i gave him/her some advice/piece of my mind..i didn't say anything menganjing at all..i just state what i hope that particular one should do..and if we're back in the Roman era and i'm a Roman, i wouldn't give him/her my advice, am i right?, because i wouldn't want to waste my time and missed a Gladiator fight..ohh gosh! i do not want to miss the part where they slash people's throat..that would be interesting for me to watch..

i think it is enough for me and i should to stop until here..but if it is not enough to that particular one, i would make a deal to satisfy his/her is my deal;

I WILL remove "Panic Urine Wish a.k.a Generic Linkup" post IF you fulfill these simple agreement;

find me 5 students, that agree with your opinion.. these 5 students must be;

1. A student in our school,
2. A Form 5 student,
3. A 5SC student.

if you can find me these students, and they back you up, i will remove the post definitely..i promise..

a rounded dusty notion....

ok, it's about time for me to fly away..before that, i don't hold a grudge to that particular one..i just give and share my opinions..and i think it is healthy to debate/give thoughts on something..ok buhbye..

P/S: fringe cut..i'm expecting a fringe cut.. =D

"We Shit Now" / "eye-wine-hum-jilt"

ahh..i just woke up from my deep, sound sleep..feel rejuvenated a bit but now i'm feeling a bit dizzy and my head is aching..maybe it's because of high blood pressure..well, anyway, i feel like blogging now and i am about to write something that i find interesting..there is a particular one insist and "forced" me to write about something.. XD ..ok, i'll write something..and this post is specially dedicated to you.. =D

in 2007, i was in form 4, just like any other school, there would be an intake around the first quarter of the year..and this particular one was "sucked" into our school.. =b..that time, i do not really know her that much..just heard a little about her from my friends..i can't remember when was the first time i saw her..but frankly, i'm scared of her when i saw her..i thought she is damn sombong because the tendency for her to smile is so small..the probability is the same as the probability of finding a glass needle in a hay..huh that hard to see her smile..maybe because every time i saw her, she was having a bad day or something..whatevs..then, i'm scared of her because she talks like a popcorn machine went malfunction.."bla bla bla bla bla bla bla"..huish really fast!..i recommend you to be well prepared before you pop out something to her..sometimes i don't get what is she talking about really..i have to say "come again?" or "what was that?" kinda a lot when having conversation with her....sigh..i told you to calm down a bit isn't it?..sigh.. =D

after i met her for real, i realize that she is not that scary after perceptions towards her are purely me, i find her interesting and fun to talk to..i like her "transparency" when she chats with me..she's very talkative and a friendly person..haha she likes to tease me a lot but its okay.. =D..and she's good in music theory and stuff..i like people who knows about music theory especially if it is a girl..they would look cool and i feel like to know them better..maybe that is because of my love towards music is endless..and i learnt something new from her, about tonic progression..huh at first i was like "what the heck is that?"..then she explains and she made me clear about it..and if saw/met her, she would remind me of cold, white snow..she is whiter than white..can you imagine that?..heheh.. =)

ohh by the way, i'm listening to Starlight right now while writing this, over and over again.. =)

ok lah..feel mengantok again but i'll try my best not to fall asleep..and before i end this, there is something that i want to say to that particular one and that is; try not to stay up that late..sleep earlier if u can because it is not healthy for you..and i would love to learn music theory from you especially about the chromatic, see you again..buhbye.. XD

P/S: i'm expecting a fringe cut this monday from someone.. =) ..and maybe tomorrow or tonight, i will post something that i feel needed to be post on this blog to clear some things make it a clear sight for everyone..

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

how well do you know me?

go and answer some simple questions..

"Panic Urine Wish" a.k.a "Generic Linkup"

if you were a man, we would have bashed you already..

why?..the B I G question is why?..why?..everyone is puzzled by your act..we are demented..we just cannot see the 'reason' you did all these things..we just wanna know why..that's all..we're not asking that much..we just wanna know why..

frankly speaking, i have never met such people in my entire life..penipu, pencuri, perompak, penyamun..these negative characteristics are all inside you..cannot you see it?..and you are a good liar..the best that i met so far..seriously i am not pulling anyone's should have won the best actress or something by deserve it..

ya during Physics, you cried and confessed in front of the whole class after cikgu Azhar and cikgu Hamzan basuh you..cikgu Azhar had enough..he said you kencing him thrice..and before he went upstairs, he told us that you cried and kneeled upon him for mercy..hah just like in the cheap hindustan movies..well, all hindustan movies are cheap =D..anyway, he had know, everyone has their limit, a borderline should i call's the thin, fine line that becomes the border of our limit ..then, you cried and confessed in front of us and also cikgu Rohana..guess what?..i do not believe you..hell no!..i bet all our classmates do not believe what you just confessed today..and the best part of it, you beg for forgiveness from Alif just because cikgu Azhar asked you to.."saya tak ambik pendrive awak, tapi takpelah saya mintak maaf dari awak"..kan dah kena tuil dahi dengan cikgu Azhar..aku yang duduk sebelah Alif rase nak tumit je dahi kau tu..berderau darah aku dengar kau cakap mcm tu..serve you right..

do not you feel remorse after what had happened today?..when will you seek absolution?..just a reminder, you will be the bad apple in the society if you keep doing, stop before it is too little too late..

P/S: it is an anagram..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The so-called "Genting Trip"

it's been awhile since my last post..ahh i am back ;D ..i was buzy with stuff back then..did many things..i participated in the National Chemistry Quiz..hahah..i just do not know how in the hell i got into me chemistry sucks..hah..anyway, last Wednesday, me and couple of my friends went to Genting for a seminar..yupp i admit, i saw and met many kinds of people..just like the pepatah "banyak udang, banyak garam, ramai orang, banyak ragam"..seriously for real, i'm not kidding..

it is actually my maiden trip to Genting View..ok anyway we departed for Genting at 1100 hrs (if i'm not mistaken)..then we stopped at Genting Sempah to replenish ourselves..and finally we managed to arrive there at about 1430hrs..checked in, put our bags and had our delicious lunch..ohh almost forgot!..the room that we stayed in was far better than we expected..seriously..these are some of the photos of our room..

nice isn't it?..clean and comfy..ok moving on..nothing much happened on the first day..some long, boring briefing from the camp commandent..

then the EazyMath slot for the whole night..actually, the method of solving the problem is not that clear..i mean suppose you are given a "function" and you are asked to find the right, you have to let it equals to y and so forth..only then you'll get the answer..but the EazyMath taught us the shortcut way..a flick of your fingers and there you have will see the answer but not the now i'm divided whether to use it or not..emm maybe i'll stick to my own way of solving it.. =D

the next day, the whole slot was taken and filled by's not boring but exciting..interesting to be exact..actually, i pity all the girls because the one who gave the ceramah kinda discriminate them in a way..sigh..anyway, it is a useful slot, to me..that night we were divided into groups and luckily we managed to sit "within range"..hah..saya duduk depan nana, caca, afifa, dengan yee jun..kalau takde korang memang bosan dowh kat sane..yee jun memang kelakar laa.. =D

the next day, UITM fella and professor came down over here and gave us a talk about life after school..about how to apply for university..i find that these slots are very informative and useful for me..before this, i do not quite know how to apply whatsoever for university..they showed us presentations and some clips..after i watched the clips, i feel like going to UITM because the clips showed UITM performance and to me, it was pretty good..they were good..they are good..better than i expected..

foods served were delicious and really feed my hunger..boleh katakan semua sedap2 belaka..hahah lepas makan sempat ambik gamba.. =b

cool breeze is won't feel hot at all..the air is dry and cool..and first thing that you'll see in the morning is is everywhere as if it is 'hugging' you subconsciously..what a nice experience it was..

we also played futsal for riadah..i didn't play because i do not want to..we got the third some of the action..

the other two days are not that interesting and boring..i was bored stiff..nothing much happened..i can say that most students are not paying full attention to the slots..but i managed not to fall asleep during the slots..huh..shaqib tertido banyak kali..sian 'aqib'..ramai yang tertido..aku ada la skali dua.. =b

..but those girls behind me kept me 'awake'..we swap things and exchange paper msgs while the one gave us the talk..nana and afifa suroh aku lukis macam2..gitar la..semata mata untuk mewarna..haiyo..but out of all things that i drew, there is a thing that i considered a bit interesting..i drew for them the "Spiral of Roots"..they kinda amazed at first..and i explained to them the concept, the Pythagoras Theorem..during these long talks, nana always kacau least you entertained me..and i spoke kinda a lot with yee jun..and i let her listen to Starlight and she likes it.. =D ..huh..and please, calm down a bit, will ya?.. =)

there was a time where i didnt change my shirt for 3 consecutive days..same shirt without changing it..luckily it didnt smell bad..then, when i change it with a new one, the girls clapped merrily at me..i was like "whoa..what was that for?", "yayy!!..oma dah tukar baju!!"..haiyoh!..kahkahkah..i didnt change my clothes bcos i am running out of shirts laa that time..not because im a pengotor jugak bila ingat balik kejadian2 kat sane..heheh..i believe everyone was happy throughout the seminar..i wish it was longer..after the talk, the girls wanted to snap some pics on the lift..and i'm the one who had to snap the pics..haiya..i snapped some..

after the talk, they gave us the type of performance that we need to perform the night before we go back to our school..and we got "action song" was tough at first..but luckily we have least, there is a director to write the story..hah..anyway, i just follow through what adam planned..i dont like performances..i hate it with passion..we made a 'medley' song by pasting snippets of songs together including Time Is Running Out by MUSE..i was electrified with joy when adam told me that he wanted to use Muse song..i wasn't expecting it adam..thanks anyway..and FYI, all the guitar part in that TIRO snippet is actually played by me..100% by me..sounds the same rite?.. =b

everyone was getting ready for the performance..

on the night of the performance, amir freaked out..i don't know why..and i don't know whether it was real or fake..i believe its real..anyway, i can feel the tension building up..nana also freaked out..syarzuan freaked out..but i do not feel anything..i do not know why..nana kept telling me that she's nervous..aiyo..fortunately, i managed to get a grip..huh thank God..

after we performed, they announced the winners and we got third me, it was bullshit because everything wasnt going according to plan..aiyo..i think i embarassed myself out there..well, at least we threw out our ideas and it somehow 'transformed' into a story line..yeah whatevs..
the last day, everyone woke up quite late since there is no more morning assembly like it used to..i washed up and straight away packed my belongings..after eating a hearty breakfast, we went to the ball and hear a talk from the wakil from Yayasan Pahang..lastly, we sang a song called "Doa Perpisahan"..sebak jugak rasenya..tapi apa nak buat..hahah..
and before we went back to our room to get our bags before departing for school, we and the girls struck poses and snapped some pics along the way back to the are some of the photos.. P/S: ada satu gambar tu macam koya Hujan sket.. =D
yupp thats about it..i think what i can conclude here is that we live in a mixed society..we have to somehow find a way to blend in with the just cannot be have to help others by offering them a hand..respect the weak..and no matter what happens, we will still be friends..thanks everyone..thank you very much..i must tell ya that i do feel motivated after this trip..i hope all of us will pass SPM with flying colours and achieve awesome results..InsyaAllah..

Saturday, July 12, 2008


just now i watched the news..and our PM gave his speech about something..i turned purple with rage (lil' exaggerating don't you think?) when he "manipulate" some if he wasn't the one who inflicts damages to his own race and party to be are a M*****F*****..sigh...

we must wake up and oppose and disagree;

Losing control,
Losing our faith,
Boxed up inside,
In time to be erased...

recurring numbers

I can't remember when but i believe it happened the other day..thursday I guess..i had this..nightmare..a bad really fuck my day..i wouldn't want it to happen ever again..

in that dream, something that everyone would not want to happen, occur in my dream..they keep flashing in that dream..on and on..again and sucks big time I tell ya..during each interval, three numbers appeared simultaneously..i can see these in a clear sight..the numbers are : 201, 700, 700

the thing that made me curious is; why do these numbers kept appearing in that dream?..201, 700,

anyway, I'm sure it will not happen..have the tendency but..fuck i do not want to think about it..

-case closed-

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am going to New Zealand

nahh..actually something happen today..and its about New is so embarassing that i cannot face the shame..but at least i learnt something new..hahah..

ok it's like this..i went to an English class..everything was normal..totally normal..and on that class, we discussed about how to write an essay, especially the first paragraph which is the intro..then the teacher asked us to write the first paragraph of an essay..the topic was "Travelling"..each one of us has to write one and read it i wrote one..and everyone did the same too..

I wrote : "Where would you go if you are given the chance to travel anywhere in the world?. If I were given the chance, i would definitely go to one of the most beautiful country in Europe, New Zealand. Over there, I can enjoy the awe-inspiring scenery while relaxing my mind and shaking off my stress. Cool breeze air, breathtaking scenery, serene vibe; these are the things that I can find in New Zealand."

when I read that aloud, everyone was like "whoa gosh!"..i was like "what?"..then everyone turned to me and the teacher laugh suddenly..everyone snorted a little.."Umar, New Zealand is not in Europe" my teacher face turned fucking red..i feel so numb..i was electrocuted..i mean just imagine saying that in front of your class..aiyo..and I JUST KNEW that New Zealand is NOT IN EUROPE..after 17 years..i just knew today,,i just knew..just knew...sigh...seriously, all this while, i swear to God, i thought that New Zealand is in Europe....sigh.. can laugh all you want..its okay..i learnt something today.. =D

well, shit happens...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thank You

i feel there's something missing right now..i feel "hollow"..i feel "incomplete"..i feel "empty"..i just can't describe how i feel right now..thanks to LCK..thank you..

hish tak senang duduk la sekarang..rase semacam..rase gundah macam palat..tapi bila Alif dan Azraai ada rasa semangat sket..terutama lepas Alif cerita..serious shit aku katakan kau memang hati kering..aku respect ka..

Thank You..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The "E-Species"

stressed up these few days..i will not tell you why because it will not make any difference but i will tell you what makes me feel stressed up..first, i want to apologize in advance because in this post, i might use cursing words like fuck, babi, bodoh, puki, butoh, et cetera..this post speaks on behalf of my heart content..

do you ever feel so stressed up that you feel like crying or bashing the one who make you feel stressed?..i do believe that everyone do experience this kind of stress at least once in their life time..i feel stressed up because something happened on a particular day..the other day's like my school, i have friends, foes, "plastic" friends, teachers, favorite teachers, "AK" teachers, "AK" friends and et cetera..too many to mention..due to its large number, i categorized these people especially the teacher's population into two species or i suppose it can be called groups..they are called the "E-Species" and the "neutral-species"..only me and LCK know the true meaning of the term..i am going to concentrate on the "E-Species" rather than focusing on the "neutral-species"..back to the topic, these people usually will try their best to "please" me by saying something that i do not like..they thought that by saying that "thing", i would feel happy but it will not make me happy..dammit!..i fuck those who say the word in front of me..fuck it man..i will not tell you what but you would know what it is if you had known me for years..i feel "used" by them..these E-nians do not realize how much i hate them when they say that fucking thing..i can list them for you but i do not think it is such a good idea for me to expose these people..yeah that's right, they "expose" me..i just want to be a low profile one..i just do not want anyone to know about my background whatsoever..i want them to accept me for who i am..not because of that thing..babi la!!!..lancau! my school, i noticed that there are 4 teachers in my school that become the "kepala" for this group..3 teachers and a sir..i know that you "care" about me but too much of your attention would lead to "kerimasan"..these 4 teachers have the highest tendency to "expose" me/say that particular thing in front of me/my friends without thinking first..sorry if i offense these teachers but when will you understand the situation?..i gave them lots of hints that i do not like what they did but they just can't see it..RECENTLY, something did happen and it was in front of the whole school..there is this E-nian..this E-nian expose me..i HATE it..really i fucking HATE it..i thought it was going to happen for just a moment but that E-nian drag his speech on this matter a long way..seriously, if i could turn back time, i would..lancau i do not like people to know that thing about me..i just do not like it..maybe because my parents educate me that way (not to be a "hidung tinggi" whatsoever)..after his speech, i can feel that most people at school treat me differently..only some do not..

why i do not like it?..ok suppose you have more money than God (it is just a phrase, do not take it seriously), people would declare themselves as one of your "inner circle" or close related friends..they would kiss your ass and even lick your leftovers shit on your ass cracks without you asking them to do it..the probability for this event to happen is almost equals to 1..ok now the sad part..suppose that imaginary money that you own, disappear completely have nothing, completely only have yourself and your family..for sure, these "talam dua muka" people WILL leave you and WILL not treat you the way they treat you when you own the fucking money..i'm sure this will happen and i can bet my life on goes the same way with my situation..people wouldn't treat me the way they are treating me right now IF that "thing" disappear or ended (the "thing" that i am referring to is not the money that i have/own, but i am referring to that "thing")..everything have its own life span..but i believe that some which only consists a tiny population of these people, would treat me the same way..i mean treat me for who i am even when that thing is not there anymore..i believe that and now i can see/identify who is who..

bottom line, i like people who treat me for who i am..not for that thing..please be more in my shoes and you will know how i feel when people do these things to me..hanya Allah dan family aku sahaja yang paham dan tahu..i hope i have clear things out..i feel much lighter now..and sorry if this post would cause such a serious offense to some people..thank you very much for reading this..thank you very much indeed..

Monday, June 23, 2008

Math Olimpiad by PERSAMA

hahah after a hell of a night, the very next morning, i have to go to school and participate in the math competition..i have been waiting for it for a long time..i'm yearning for it..i love math duhh..moving on, my teacher said that the competition would be held in the morning, 0900 hrs, sharp, but it turns out the other started at 1000 hrs..wahlaweh!!..anyway, i looked at the papers and they issued questions that are not's difficult..tough..tricky..almost impossible to get the answer!!..hahah..but i managed to get three questions answered..i am confident with my answer on those questions..after two and a half grueling hours, i went back fast to catch a wedding ceremony in Bentong..anak pakcik Arof kahwin..but as always, 1500 hrs baru bertolak..haiyaa..we arrived when people left the place..but anyway i ate a lot there because i was really hungry..then met everyone in Bentong, then go KL, then leave KL for home..

Yuna and Hujan (SABS ChariDine)

I went to the SABS Charity Dinner at the MS Garden Hotel on the 20th of June be honest, i didnt expect my ass to be there cos i never been to a party whatsoever in my life for real..moving on, Elida paid the ticket for me first because i said to her i'm going but actually i'm not..anyway, i have to pay her back and have to go that dinner..later that evening, i'm freaking out cos i don't know what to wear and i know no one from SABS..i would be a loner that night..that was my thought at, i just 'redah' and everything went well that night..i went there just because of Yuna and Hujan..they served Chinese foods if i'm not mistaken but i didn't eat at all..didn't feel hungry so i just left the foods beside..i could say that i'm the Mr.Lonely that night..seriously..then a band and Maisara performed and it was okay..but anyway i feel a bit 'belonged' that night after Yuna came up to the stage and performed;


her name is actually Yunalis..but they called her short, she's very talented and she's hot..i mean it..her voice that night was extraordinary..fucking sweet voice she had..Yuna performed about 6 songs all written by herself..and her songs are not the 'syok-sendiri' type..she can do well in the music industry if she is given the chance..believe me..
Overall rating: 4/5

...after Yuna finished, there was a performance from a 'hip-hop' dancing team..haha i actually do not know much about hip-hop but it was not that bad..but it would be nicer if the performance were not feel me??..hahah..then Alif called me because he really wanted to go there and i said just crash in because the security there was could just walk in and have a happy mind throughout the night..about 9:40, Alif came then i gave him the ticket..i went upstairs and boom!..Hujan is on the fucking stage..i ran up to the skirts of the stage with my friends and everyone was like "WTF??"..but then everyone joined us later..haha kalau nak malu tak payah la pergi gig rite?..anyway, Hujan performed;


yes the main thing was on the stage and everyone went a bit hysterical..and i could say that i'm one of em'..Hujan tested the sound system and open up their setlist that night with "Aku Mahu
Kau Tahu"..nice song although it was my first time listen to that song..then, my favourite song from them "Aku Scandal"..i went fucking hyper after they played the was a BLAST!!!..sebijik dowh main!! kantoi2 part..the solo part from AG was brilliant..serious shit i tell ya'..after the song, "Lonely Soldier Boy" jugak lagu tu bila dgr live..

then, they played "Bila Aku SudahTiada"..fuhh a good one from them!! thing that i noticed is that they performed very well and they kept their tempo constantly..after they end that song, they were like leaving the stage but everyone said "we want more"..i shouted "main la lagu pagi yang gelap!!tolong!!tolong pagi yang gelap!!"..hahah Noh looked at my face and everyone and then turn away and discuss with band mates.."hoi!!" Noh shouted at the drummer and "tick tick tick tick" and the riff danced in the air..i went hyper was the best song from them to be honest..mmg hebat lah!!..after that they did a medley to "Empayarmu"..i do not like the's not that catchy..but it's cool..and they ended the show with a wild outro..Noh bashed his guitar at the mic stand and i managed to touch his guitar..hahah..
Overall Rating: 4/5 last, things resolved to normal..i feel tired after that..i went back to the lift and i saw AG, the guitarist for Hujan..hahah i talked to him quite for a long time..we hang out together that night as if i knew him for a long time..hah he's nice..then the bassist, Dugong, a friendly person..basically, they are nice..but i think i really appreciate the moment where i chit-chat with AG..i didnt ask him his fav color whatsoever..i ask him about musics, how to make riffs and melody and stuff..and i really appreciate it..
with the bassist, Dugong

P/S: there were many faux pas happened that night especially during Hujan was fucking embarrassing serious shit..serious malu dowh..but it wasn't me..and there was this one who kinda have weird interest in's actually okay to like someone but please laa in an "acceptable" way..this particular one kinda "over-reacted" when met AG..AG freaked out i saw it in front of my eyes..that time i was talking to him..i mean he for real freaked out..but i "nasihat" that one and that one managed to calm down a bit..thinking back, it's friends told me the same thing too..they didn't like what that particular one did..if it were not because of the "over" thingy, people wouldn't mind..

anyway, thanks Elida for inviting me in the first place..and that night is going to be on my mind was a blast..what a night!!!