Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

finally, raya is here. and that is a Yahoo! for me. actually, not really. i do not want to over enjoy it till i forget everything that i studied.
so, i'm going back to my kampung the 2nd day of raya and maybe i'll be back in kuantan the very next day. don't want to be there that long since i have lots to study.

so, i wish u all, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maff Zahir dan Batin.

forgive me if i did something wrong to you guys. and good luck in the upcoming SPM.

P/S: be the first and if possible, please hold on throughout the night. .

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sex in pain, keeps me alive, yes.

just ignore the title, don't take it seriously.

that picture up there was taken after our act during Teacher's Day 08'. i suddenly stumble across it just now.

i changed my mind. i won't do any video due to "lack of determination and insufficient equipment". i feel quite frustrated lately. anyway, do watch the song. click it.


alright, see you then.



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Huggable, Sleepable, Comatoseable

yes!!. finally i manage to swim through it. some are easy but some are just too damn hard for me. well generally, i think im better this time than the previous one. so in this post, i'm gonna talk about my trial and some other stuff. staying up late; it pays off man.

so, i'll review each paper that i took.

Bahasa Melayu
yeah man, i do believe that i kick ass in the karangan section.
everyone in my class did actually.
i was very nervous when i get the paper.
i fear that i would be blank when i'm about to write something.
but luckily, "u just have to believe in yourself and write".
thanks ya.

Bahasa Inggeris
essay just a so-so.
poems and story brilliantly answered.
summary like shit, i never feel this hard before. why did they issue it? sigh.
novel ok.
it's not as good as before la.

i nearly cried la when i get to know my marks.
i feel pelik why i can't score.
it's a "byebye".
enough said.

Pendidikan Islam
heh, i thought it would be easy but turns out the other way leh.
there was this section about Quran verses.
u have to know/memorise them but i do not.
so, i left them blank.

the night before it, i really study and stay up till late at night.
and it really pays off.
i was shaking happy when i receive my paper 1 result.
BUT, it's not that i'm proud or anything.
i just wanna share it with u.
and i hope that my P2 and P3 also as high as the P1
i really hope i got it high.

when i was writing this post, i called my friend and he told me something.
and you know what that is?. i got 94% for Math.
i "bang" hard rite?.
looking forward for SPM.

Additional Mathematics
my forte'.
my love.
it's my favourite subject besides Physics.
anyway, i didn't do that well in P2.
but it's enough for an A.
and there's a one who laughed at me getting low.
it's okay buddy, after all that i taught u and stuff, u do deserve to laugh at me right?
thanks but no thanks.
"u shoo him away from ur thoughts k?. .and shoot him away with ur marks. ."
what a quote from u la.
it really gives me hope in kicking "someone" ass.

Lukisan Kejuruteraan
i believe i am better this time.
i just tembak some like "tangent".
don't get the concept.
but, it's more than okay la actually.

im WAY better this time.
trust me, i won't fail.
but just the paper 2.
i find it very hard la
i even have the time to colour my periodic table of elements since i have so much time left during paper 2.
but paper 3, damn! i NEVER feel that easy before in my life.
i answered it with "colours".

the first part quite tricky.
and the essay, i really like what i wrote.
i think it would be higher this time.

this is my Periodic Table of Elements.
heheh. =b

so, that is all people. conclusion, i think i would kick ass in this exam, much better than my recent exam. i actually deserve it because i studied and i did it smartly. guys, do not study hard but smartly. and do not give up if u fail or something. to me, i prefer to fail in trial than in SPM.
and i'm quite happy with my life at the moment. =D. there's more light to it. i promise, i won't do that la. it's just that i'm joking with u wei, don't take it seriously k. "that" thing is only for me, i won't share it with anyone. i promise u. miss me, msg me.
ohh before i forget, guys, this raya please use it as the time to study. i'll enjoy myself the first two days. then i'll start my engine back. just an opinion from me.
okay, i'm done!.
see u later eh.
*my combed hair*

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tina oh Tina...

i'm buzy with studying since trial is just few days away..i might not be around for these few weeks..i have to study..study for my own sake..and i'll be back after the trial and that is like, 3 weeks from now??..heh..gonna miss this blog..


last few snaps..did these after pissa.. ; )


P/S: i think i've improved in chemistry tremendously (for my level laa)..now i can do lots of question which i can't do in the past...ohh btw!, Tina, its fun talking to you but you sombong and jual mahal with me!.. =b..haha!....and let us keep "that" only between us ya?.. =D