Thursday, August 28, 2008

"A Cheesy Unity on Two?"

it is not my problem...
i didn't say a word...
i never did...
i never did...
who told you to agree?...
i didn't say anything...
why do you agree?...
i didn't say anything...
why are you mad at me?...
i didn't say anything...
who told them to tebal their muka?...
why are you so excited?...
why eh?...
funny, how pathetic...
now you're blaming me...

it's okay...
i know...
aku tak akan jadi pandai walaupun aku tak pergi...
so, why bother to go, really?...
at least, i am well-conscious and i realize that 'it' is coming, fast...
i believe i am not clever and ready enough to face 'it'...
i do not care if you wanna give me a splendid isolation, i just don't...
because i didn't say anything...

A Cheesy Unity on Two???...



P/S : "don't let it affect yourself and your mood...", it is not going to affect me..thanks ya..

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another 25 to go. . .

school will re-open tomorrow.. shit..

anyway, i'm here to share with you something..

it happened on the 14th of August 2008, 4:10pm..

i was playing my guitar and of course, i played the magnificent MUSE.. XD ..i planned to record my playings and i did record it..and i played the guitar and message with ms. piggy at the same time..yeah we chat and chat for quite a long time..all of the sudden, while i was playing the guitar, my phone blinked again and again..i thought it was the alarm..but after taking a closer look, it was an incoming call..and it was ms.piggy..whoa!..i was like, shocked..never, before this, she called me whatsoever..pfff..i answered the call and for 4 seconds, no sound whatsoever.. @_@ ..i was blank for awhile..i stared at my phone, idle..i called her back and without my expectation, she answered..

Umar: "did you call me just now?..why?"

Ms.piggy: "yeah yeah, sorry sorry!!!..i accidentally call you!!..i pushed the wrong button!!..sorry sorry!!! (she snorted)"

Umar: "oh yeah yeah, sure..ok bye bye.."

hahah, it was a very gelabah conversation i tell ya..she panicked a bit..i can tell by the way she talked to me in that do i actually..and your giggles are kinda cute..heh it was cute..

and it happened while i was playing Starlight..i have the recorded video..and the "hello-moment" is on the video..but i stop to record it when i called her back.. XD

here it is;

i cut my hair today, it is better i think..of course, it is shorter..i look more 'mature'..haha..

miss me, message me...

another 25 to go. . .



i bought Hujan and quite impressing actually but i do not like BAST in this album, it kinda lost its touch..the guitar solo effect sounded really cheap..but this album opens a new chapter for the band..well done..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To Ms. Piggy

I'm away for two days only..I'll be back after a sweet, kind girl while I am not around ok?..I am gonna miss u..take care, my dear..

miss me, message me...

Loads of love,

Sunday, August 17, 2008


school's holidays are! its the time for me to sleep a lot and rest a bit..but still, i have to study because SPM is just only few days away...anyway, Lee Chong Wei got silver medal for us..well, at least he got something for us..

speaking of which, haha yesterday i whammed my so-called iron safe with a sledge hammer and a screw driver to retreive something that is valueable to me..i whammed it because i lost the key and it remains locked for like 2 i have a purpose and it was fun.. =D..i smashed it until the locks broke apart, it took me about 10 minutes..i opened and took what's inside..

AND, without my expectations, i met again with my beloved Gold medal which was given to me when i was in Form 2..ahh, im walking down a sweet, loving memory lane now.. =D...heh the Gold medal was awarded to me during the SMART's 2005 Sports Day..on the medal, there are lines embedded on it, it says:

SMART KE-37 2005

yeah, i was the undisputed champion..yay!.. =D..why do i feel so bangga with it?'s why;

1. It was my maiden participation in that particular game.
2. I beat ALL the guys from other forms (in my catagory); Form 1 and even Form 3..hell yeah, i was in Form 2 that time. =D
3. It was the last event for the particular game. now, it is gone since then.
4. I was the underdog.

my farthest throw in that game was 21.90 metre..everyone else was like 17-18 metres strength tops them..haha =D


Monday, August 11, 2008

My trials and tribulations

I tak puas hati with this one..I really, REALLY tak puas hati..aku rase sangat terganggu kerana please stop avoiding me and act like normal..i feel annoyed you know..I am trying to make friends but obviously you read me at the wrong page....

You're such a mess
7 hours feeling dead,
Your phoney act,
Does not make me feel sad,

You will not find it in me,
It is better,
Wake up in reality,
You're revealing all your shames again...

Monday, August 4, 2008

dah habis dah

i never thought my previous post would cause such little havoc inside out..i really never thought about that...i feel a bit worried because i fear my teachers would read my blog and develop wrong perceptions towards me..anyway, they can read my blog..i welcome them with open arms..

the thing here is, i do not wanna use this blog/people to think that i use this blog as one of my arsenal to bombard people around never crossed my mind..if i ever offended some people who had read my blog, i did not mean it..i'm sorry because these few days back, i feel something isn't right..i believe that i somehow violate my motto of life, "Less is More"..

so, this is my last post regarding to that black/dark know, i welcome any comments from you guys, it is healthy to post such comments because you channel your thoughts instead of just keeping a tight grip onto could lead you into something nasty if you do not express your thoughts on someone/ could demolish you in and out..

and to Lily, i really appreciate your views on that issue and i would love you to visit my blog often because you might have your own thoughts about issues that i might be posting..i welcome your comments with arms wide open..i really do..and i do not hold a grudge whatsoever on you after you commented one of my post..i do not because i believe the term "free speech" does apply in this short, colourful teacher once said "you should have stress in your life in an apropriate amount and manner"..

dah habis dah..

P/S: habishh daa.. =D..btw, if my previous/upcoming post's title doesn't make any sense and has the ", then it is an anagram..and nice fringe tho.. =D

Saturday, August 2, 2008

"A Rounded Dusty Notion"

have you read panic urine wish a.k.a generic linkup?..does it offend you? you feel offended?..i know it had caused mix reactions and "offended" some people..since i posted that thing, i receive both positive and negative feedback from Tom, Dick and Harry..and there is a particular one that caught my attention..this particular one does not agree with my opinion and she kept telling me to stop doing such things and start thinking about other people's feeling..i accept his/her view with an open is her right to pour his/her heart out..

however, in this post, i am not gonna back off and run away and hide..instead, i am going to write back and respond to what that particular one said in his/her comment..

one by one, step by step..

"i know that the particular person had done wrong
but u have to remember that person too is a human being no matter how bad
is still a human being"

- ok before that, bear in mind that; stealing = a crime, killing = a crime..if that is the case, Aerial Sharon who had killed thousands of people regardless their race and religion, should be declared not guilty and we should give him a second chance because he is just a human being too rite?..we, make mistakes..we are born to make them rite? after reading this post, we should make friends and support those Israel citizens and give them a second chance..pity them..they are humans rite? please i beg you to give them a, no hard feelings with them after this ok?..ohh! not to forget G.Bush who discriminates and conquers and kills many people including children in Iraq just to suck up their oil..please forgive and forget him, he is just a human being no matter how bad it is..people who commit crimes should be forgiven definitely because they are just humans like us..

"'re saying all this because that person is not a friend of yours."

- i still remember when i was a kid, there was this kid, a friend of mine, stole my finest and my favourite toy from was an action figure of Gundam..when i realize that something is not right, i went to him and ask him about it because he came to my house and we shared toys and suddenly, the toy is, he should be the suspect right?..anyway, when i have a strong base proof, i came to him and ask him politely "kau ada ambik tak mainan aku?"..he kencing me by saying that he didnt know anything about it..i turned purple with rage..i couldn't control myself..he was eating at that, i pushed away his meals and grabbed his collar and curse him..i gave tonnes of them and he cried..i tried to bash him but the animal in me suddenly gone..i left him and went back to my eyes were glassy, flooded with water..i manage to get a grip..the next day, friends asked me what happened and i told them that he stole my Gundam and i tell them everything about it..later, he kindly "return" my toy back and he admit that he did steal it from me..well, i forgive him and never make friend with him, thing is, if you do not fuck with me or people around me, i won't be making noises..tak kesahlah fazrol ke, alif ke, aku akan bising tapi masalahnya, aku percaya yang mereka takkan tergamak nak buat mende yang jahat..
alaa, kalau fazrol tu buat nakal, aku cabut bulu dia, senyaplah dia..kan fazrol?? =D heheheh..

"Fair enough.
This outsider knows nothing about what happened in your class.
but this outsider had experience things outside the class. well, i am an outsider.
so i experience things outside."

- if i am not mistaken, the stealing thingy happened in my class, inside my, if you're an outsider, who knows everything on the outside, why bother to know what's inside?..

"but what i don't understand is,
why is the people,who are not a victim,
also feel like killing her?"

- suppose you have a lovely little kitten (i do have one), get beaten by a larger cat, what would you do?..if you are sane, i believe you would go there and kick the larger cat's balls rite?..ok another example, you have a friend, you have known him quite for a long time..suddenly, he is cheated by a mere man and that man stole something priceless to your friend, let's say a pendrive that was given by his mother..wouldn't you feel angry, at least you would say "palat punya orang", at that man?..of course..i would feel that because i love my doesn't apply only to your love ones, but also to your friends..btw, i didn't say i feel like killing someone neither on this post nor that i right?

"well my dear friends,

we are actually delighted to see someone make a mistake,
so see someone being punished.
it seems like we're back in the roman era."

- are you sure you have read my post thoroughly?..did you read the last part of the post?'s okay, i'll paste it in case you missed that part out;

i wrote,

"do not you feel remorse after what had happened today?..when will you seek absolution?..just a reminder, you will be the bad apple in the society if you keep doing, stop before it is too little too late.."

do you see any words that glorifies happiness?..did i cheer or laugh or smile or tease or insult that particular one?..what i did and trying to say is that particular one should stop doing the bad things before it gets worse..i gave him/her some advice/piece of my mind..i didn't say anything menganjing at all..i just state what i hope that particular one should do..and if we're back in the Roman era and i'm a Roman, i wouldn't give him/her my advice, am i right?, because i wouldn't want to waste my time and missed a Gladiator fight..ohh gosh! i do not want to miss the part where they slash people's throat..that would be interesting for me to watch..

i think it is enough for me and i should to stop until here..but if it is not enough to that particular one, i would make a deal to satisfy his/her is my deal;

I WILL remove "Panic Urine Wish a.k.a Generic Linkup" post IF you fulfill these simple agreement;

find me 5 students, that agree with your opinion.. these 5 students must be;

1. A student in our school,
2. A Form 5 student,
3. A 5SC student.

if you can find me these students, and they back you up, i will remove the post definitely..i promise..

a rounded dusty notion....

ok, it's about time for me to fly away..before that, i don't hold a grudge to that particular one..i just give and share my opinions..and i think it is healthy to debate/give thoughts on something..ok buhbye..

P/S: fringe cut..i'm expecting a fringe cut.. =D

"We Shit Now" / "eye-wine-hum-jilt"

ahh..i just woke up from my deep, sound sleep..feel rejuvenated a bit but now i'm feeling a bit dizzy and my head is aching..maybe it's because of high blood pressure..well, anyway, i feel like blogging now and i am about to write something that i find interesting..there is a particular one insist and "forced" me to write about something.. XD ..ok, i'll write something..and this post is specially dedicated to you.. =D

in 2007, i was in form 4, just like any other school, there would be an intake around the first quarter of the year..and this particular one was "sucked" into our school.. =b..that time, i do not really know her that much..just heard a little about her from my friends..i can't remember when was the first time i saw her..but frankly, i'm scared of her when i saw her..i thought she is damn sombong because the tendency for her to smile is so small..the probability is the same as the probability of finding a glass needle in a hay..huh that hard to see her smile..maybe because every time i saw her, she was having a bad day or something..whatevs..then, i'm scared of her because she talks like a popcorn machine went malfunction.."bla bla bla bla bla bla bla"..huish really fast!..i recommend you to be well prepared before you pop out something to her..sometimes i don't get what is she talking about really..i have to say "come again?" or "what was that?" kinda a lot when having conversation with her....sigh..i told you to calm down a bit isn't it?..sigh.. =D

after i met her for real, i realize that she is not that scary after perceptions towards her are purely me, i find her interesting and fun to talk to..i like her "transparency" when she chats with me..she's very talkative and a friendly person..haha she likes to tease me a lot but its okay.. =D..and she's good in music theory and stuff..i like people who knows about music theory especially if it is a girl..they would look cool and i feel like to know them better..maybe that is because of my love towards music is endless..and i learnt something new from her, about tonic progression..huh at first i was like "what the heck is that?"..then she explains and she made me clear about it..and if saw/met her, she would remind me of cold, white snow..she is whiter than white..can you imagine that?..heheh.. =)

ohh by the way, i'm listening to Starlight right now while writing this, over and over again.. =)

ok lah..feel mengantok again but i'll try my best not to fall asleep..and before i end this, there is something that i want to say to that particular one and that is; try not to stay up that late..sleep earlier if u can because it is not healthy for you..and i would love to learn music theory from you especially about the chromatic, see you again..buhbye.. XD

P/S: i'm expecting a fringe cut this monday from someone.. =) ..and maybe tomorrow or tonight, i will post something that i feel needed to be post on this blog to clear some things make it a clear sight for everyone..