Thursday, January 15, 2009

How can we win? When fools can be kings. Don't waste your time or time will waste you.

hello there,
i'm back from Youth 09'. it was a *bomb*. i never been to a fair that is made by youth for youth before. it was fun, we walked here and there, buy cheap clothes (but the quality is superb), did "coffee talk, hawker woks". and got many photoshoots going on that day, hah i never thought i would do that crazy stuff.

here is some of the pics that i snapped;

The faces of youth of Malaysia.

The faces of youth of Malaysia.

A good one indeed. but i can't agree on it totally, i mean it is all up to you. if u work hard enough and know how to grab opportunities, you're on the game buddy. and, remember, knowledge comes first. to win the race, knowledge is the best ride that you can ever get.

Cheating in exams. well, don't cheat on every exams. and don't copy everything from your friends. exams are for you, to each everyone of us. to evaluate how good you are, to test whether you listen to what your teacher taught you or not. don't cheat a lot. work hard and study smart if you want to be successful. cheating on some questions is still tolerable tho.

Politics. yes, it is an interesting thing to talk about. Malaysia's political scene is full of spices and most recently is about the members of Pakatan Rakyat, fight with each other. how pathetic. this clearly shows that they can never administrate our country. look at Barisan, doing just fine and getting along very well. we, the youth, are going to be the future leaders of this very own land. please, wake up and be competitive to other races. don't just think having fun all the time.

no offense but i don't respect women who smokes. sorry to say but i don't see any pride in you anymore if you smoke. i hate it.

What the heck?. how daring to ask such question. i feel embarrassed after reading this banner. man, you should have shut yourself up and just keep it to yourself. it is a lot better like that.

this picture below, really caught my attention. i stalled for a moment after i saw this banner. it is 'original' to me.

"What is the best way to gain happiness?". ohh my, it is a big question mark right over there. everyone has their own way to achieve satisfaction, excitement and i am pretty sure that the way they execute it, will never be the same each time. me?. i find happiness through my family. i find happiness through music. through Muse. and my friends give happiness to me. before i saw this banner, i never ask myself this question. i never did. it somehow makes me appreciate better the meaning of happiness.

i'll end it here. i'll put on more pic on the next post. blogspot is a moron, can't do too many things at once.