Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Tortoise

let us give a warm welcome to 2009. heh i'm quite shocked, time is so fast nowadays, dashing towards the end. to me, 2008 can be considered one of my best year in my life. many things happened in this particular year. you name it; sadness, happiness, laughter, joy, bliss. if i were to list all of them, it won't fit this blog page.

i feel kinda awkward when i'm writing this post. maybe it's because i didn't online that much since SPM is over. my life is boring right now, i'm bored stiff. all that i do during my holidays is just play my guitar, listen to Muse, talking to panda and taking my license. just that. that's it.

resolution. do you guys have any?. i think i have few of them. this resolution, i can say that, it is my 'first time'. before this, i don't take this that seriously. i mean, i just get through the year without any proper plannings whatsoever. anyway. i have some resolutions, they are;

1. i will be patient and get a nice grip on my emotions. i will not get mad easily. in other words, i'm not a hot tempered guy this year. please.

2. i will plan before i act. like, i already have in mind what i am going to study in the university. most probably Quantity Surveying bcuz it involves physics, math and LK. i said 'most probably' because i might consider other things such as job opportunity.

3. overcome some 'disorder' that i possess.

i believe that is all. i don't want to make too many resolutions because i know myself, i know my limit. if i have too many, i won't be able to achieve every single one of them. so let me keep it simple like it is now.

car license. i'm pissed by the service that the pmc or kmc, (whatever about the name) gave to me. they booked for the static test on 23rd of December 2008 (that was last year, hah) but, they cancelled it in the last minute. they told me to wait for their call. i waited for too long that i can't stand it anymore. i told my pakcik about it and he went there to settle things down. this time, they twist the fact, "kami tunggu panggilan daripada encik.". what the heck?. stupid moron.

ahah, about Muse!!!. ohh my, my blood is rushing all over my veins right now. Muse. Muse. Muse. they are going to release their fifth album this year!. i just cannot wait. i cannot wait. and, i told panda about the album and she's looking forward to it. Muse is going to release a 'Symphonic Monster', the hardest song ever. just reading the name, 'Symphonic Monster', gives me a bloody spine chill, goosebumps. it's a three section song, comprises of different genres and it would probably lasts for 13 minutes. i believe piano, guitar, bass, drums, synth, are gonna blend into one and boom, there you have it, a 'Symphonic Monster'. who would have thought of that, a 'Symphonic Monster'??. my god. Matt, you are such a Genius. i think i'm running out of words now, so i better leave it here, for now. because to me, there is no word that can even begin to describe how powerful Muse is, how brilliant Muse is. ok Oma, enough~.

ohh and i cracked the code given by Muse to their fans!!!. i solved it myself. i feel special.

guitar and my band. i finally found the tone that i find it quite similar to what was Matt's tone when he was on the Absolution Tour. but the tone that i found is like 4 years behind, way back. i'm trying to find the guitar tone he is having now. i would describe his current tone as 'crispy on the treble, punching on the midrange and fat on the bass'. hell, no one can achieve that. only Matt does. maybe the pickup of his guitar holds the key to that tone. anyway, my band is better than last time and we're now 'trying' to write some songs. but be warned, we are not gonna make music as a living. just for pure excitement.

i think i'll stop now.

Happy New Year to all!


p/s: it was a meaningful chat indeed. i poured it out to u. and hopefully, we'll find unlimited joy on this new year eh?. now, we start a new chapter.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

it's finally over.

i feel quite lost after SPM. i just feel empty. i really do not like this kind of feelings, it makes you feel uneasy. anyway, i'm glad it's over. finally, it's over. . .