Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Harus pantas.

Physics di peringkat universiti payah ya. agak jubo di situ. harap dapat back up dengan segera.

Calculus ok, it's my favourite thing. ^^

English best, lecturer aku cantik.

Computer has the best classes over here, laugh-non-stop kind of classes.

P/S: "Guane jig?" - Alif (gila kelakar wei!)


I belong to you.

it's like this.

i want you. so i get to know you, make friends with you, take care of you, walk with you, share laughter and et cetera.

we get closer. and closer.

but, there is a but.

when we get to the stage where we'd say "I belong to you", i isolate myself from you.

i don't feel like knowing you, i don't take care of you, i don't walk with you, i don't share the laughter with you and so on.

i feel like vomitting whenever i see you.

what the fuck is going on?

i can't explain myself.

maybe i still haven't found the right one yet.

P/S : "Umar, what you give, you get back. Bear that in mind." - Zizah


Saturday, July 25, 2009


Biar aku tunggu,
Pasti milikku,
Lekas bangun dari situ,
Jangan buang masa aku,

Siapa dirimu,
Hati yang ku benci,
Siapa dirimu,
Hati yang ku benci,

Ditelan masa,
Dan terus terlena,
Masa untuk kita ubah,
Dan aku pasti kita menang,

Siapa dirimu,
Hati yang ku benci,
Siapa dirimu,
Hati yang ku benci,

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Extraordinary Love


i uhh. .can't help to be amazed whenever i listen to your music.

United States of Eurasia, fucking good. really.

the middle part; strings everywhere, arabic scales up and down, riffs. ohh man, this is just too fucking good.



Monday, July 6, 2009

The Resistance

wow, wow and wow.

MUSE will be releasing the fifth album this fcuking september!!!.

lala~~~~~~~.....(just imagine a choir band for that word)

amazing, magnificent, majestic, awesome, the best, ultra great. THERE'S NO WORD THAT CAN EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE HOW GENIUS MUSE IS.


being honest, i feel like SCREAMING when i saw their track listing. so majestic. so beautiful. so MUSE.


ok, moving on. =.="

i had a great time over here, loads of friends if compared to last time, good facilities, comfortable apartment and hell yeah, just now i studied physics and one thing that i find about physics is that i can easily grab the concept. my secret?. it's because i really love physics. and math.

it was tiring and all that but overall, it was good. i don't care about having clicks here and there, all i care is to be friends with my housemate and my classmates.

MUSE and Jay Chou keep me alive over here.

that's all folks.