Monday, June 22, 2009


i'm back in Kuantan. i miss my family like dem. friends, the usual-faces, my house, my piano and guitar, almost everything.

going to UM is really a precious experience for me. it made me realize that the time for me to really grow up and be an adult has come. it opened my eyes on many things. friends. family. making decisions. loneliness. survival. the inner strength in you. too many to be mentioned.

to be honest, i am a loner at UM. i don't have a friend. i don't have any friends there. just couples of hye-and-bye friends. for the first time in my life, i have no one to talk to, i felt lonely. i can say most of my friends now are moving along with their own lives. we are separated. i guess this is life, friends do come and go. anyways, it was a terrible first week for me at UM, i seriously have no one. i eat alone. i walk alone. i sit alone. i was alone.

there was this time, i was sitting alone and eating at the cafeteria, i often see groups of people eating together. i wanted to feel what it's like to be in that group. it could be fun as people say "the more the merrier". well my point here is, you gotta be friendly to people when you go to any uni. i personally think that i am a shy person, that's why i don't really have friends over there. i will be your friend IF you make the first move. seriously, go ask all of my buddies, ask them "How do you get to know with Umar?". i'm sure 90% of them will say, "well, i was the one who started the conversation with him."

as time passes by, by the second week, my mind realized something, a fact which is quite true to me. i realized that it is time for me to be independent. and now, i just don't care about getting the 'huhahuha' friends in uni because my parents send me to uni to gain knowledge and get the degree, not to hangout and having fun. they invest a big amount of money to send me there. i shouldn't be wasting their money, no, hell no.

i guess that's all about UM.

moving on, last few days my cousins went to cherating beach for holidays and my sister and i paid them a visit. we had fun. mak teh nina ariel apit kak tie were there. apit is immensely funny. paling aku tak boleh bla bila part kat cendol. we were waiting for our cendols and came this one man serving our cendols to us. apit, while taking the cendols from that guy, spontaneously say "lawalah hensem.". serious, aku rasa macam nak ambik perut kambing pastu gigit (okay lame). tak boleh blah. memang aku gelak kaw-kaw kat situ. apit oh apit. on the way back, we went to the beach and apit out of the blue wanted to eat kfc. he eleh, out of all things, kfc?. klakar. ^_^

so that's it for now, i'll do more blogging if i have the time.

i'm bringing my lappy to uni. so, expect to see me on the weekends.


Sunday, June 21, 2009


Sorry, gotta remove this one.