Tuesday, July 29, 2008

how well do you know me?

go and answer some simple questions..


"Panic Urine Wish" a.k.a "Generic Linkup"

if you were a man, we would have bashed you already..

why?..the B I G question is why?..why?..everyone is puzzled by your act..we are demented..we just cannot see the 'reason' you did all these things..we just wanna know why..that's all..we're not asking that much..we just wanna know why..

frankly speaking, i have never met such people in my entire life..penipu, pencuri, perompak, penyamun..these negative characteristics are all inside you..cannot you see it?..and you are a good liar..the best that i met so far..seriously i am not pulling anyone's leg..you should have won the best actress or something by now..you deserve it..

ya during Physics, you cried and confessed in front of the whole class after cikgu Azhar and cikgu Hamzan basuh you..cikgu Azhar had enough..he said you kencing him thrice..and before he went upstairs, he told us that you cried and kneeled upon him for mercy..hah just like in the cheap hindustan movies..well, all hindustan movies are cheap =D..anyway, he had enough..you know, everyone has their limit, a borderline should i call it..it's the thin, fine line that becomes the border of our limit ..then, you cried and confessed in front of us and also cikgu Rohana..guess what?..i do not believe you..hell no!..i bet all our classmates do not believe what you just confessed today..and the best part of it, you beg for forgiveness from Alif just because cikgu Azhar asked you to.."saya tak ambik pendrive awak, tapi takpelah saya mintak maaf dari awak"..kan dah kena tuil dahi dengan cikgu Azhar..aku yang duduk sebelah Alif rase nak tumit je dahi kau tu..berderau darah aku dengar kau cakap mcm tu..serve you right..

do not you feel remorse after what had happened today?..when will you seek absolution?..just a reminder, you will be the bad apple in the society if you keep doing it..so, stop before it is too little too late..

P/S: it is an anagram..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The so-called "Genting Trip"

it's been awhile since my last post..ahh i am back ;D ..i was buzy with stuff back then..did many things..i participated in the National Chemistry Quiz..hahah..i just do not know how in the hell i got into it..to me chemistry sucks..hah..anyway, last Wednesday, me and couple of my friends went to Genting for a seminar..yupp i admit, i saw and met many kinds of people..just like the pepatah "banyak udang, banyak garam, ramai orang, banyak ragam"..seriously for real, i'm not kidding..

it is actually my maiden trip to Genting View..ok anyway we departed for Genting at 1100 hrs (if i'm not mistaken)..then we stopped at Genting Sempah to replenish ourselves..and finally we managed to arrive there at about 1430hrs..checked in, put our bags and had our delicious lunch..ohh almost forgot!..the room that we stayed in was far better than we expected..seriously..these are some of the photos of our room..

nice isn't it?..clean and comfy..ok moving on..nothing much happened on the first day..some long, boring briefing from the camp commandent..

then the EazyMath slot for the whole night..actually, the method of solving the problem is not that clear..i mean suppose you are given a "function" and you are asked to find the inverse..by right, you have to let it equals to y and so forth..only then you'll get the answer..but the EazyMath taught us the shortcut way..a flick of your fingers and there you have it..you will see the answer but not the working..so now i'm divided whether to use it or not..emm maybe i'll stick to my own way of solving it.. =D

the next day, the whole slot was taken and filled by EazyMath..it's not boring but exciting..interesting to be exact..actually, i pity all the girls because the one who gave the ceramah kinda discriminate them in a way..sigh..anyway, it is a useful slot, to me..that night we were divided into groups and luckily we managed to sit "within range"..hah..saya duduk depan nana, caca, afifa, dengan yee jun..kalau takde korang memang bosan dowh kat sane..yee jun memang kelakar laa.. =D

the next day, UITM fella and professor came down over here and gave us a talk about life after school..about how to apply for university..i find that these slots are very informative and useful for me..before this, i do not quite know how to apply whatsoever for university..they showed us presentations and some clips..after i watched the clips, i feel like going to UITM because the clips showed UITM performance and to me, it was pretty good..they were good..they are good..better than i expected..

foods served were delicious and really feed my hunger..boleh katakan semua sedap2 belaka..hahah lepas makan sempat ambik gamba.. =b

cool breeze is everywhere..you won't feel hot at all..the air is dry and cool..and first thing that you'll see in the morning is fogs..it is everywhere as if it is 'hugging' you subconsciously..what a nice experience it was..

we also played futsal for riadah..i didn't play because i do not want to..we got the third placing..here some of the action..

the other two days are not that interesting and boring..i was bored stiff..nothing much happened..i can say that most students are not paying full attention to the slots..but i managed not to fall asleep during the slots..huh..shaqib tertido banyak kali..sian 'aqib'..ramai yang tertido..aku ada la skali dua.. =b

..but those girls behind me kept me 'awake'..we swap things and exchange paper msgs while the one gave us the talk..nana and afifa suroh aku lukis macam2..gitar la..semata mata untuk mewarna..haiyo..but out of all things that i drew, there is a thing that i considered a bit interesting..i drew for them the "Spiral of Roots"..they kinda amazed at first..and i explained to them the concept, the Pythagoras Theorem..during these long talks, nana always kacau me..aiyo..at least you entertained me..and i spoke kinda a lot with yee jun..and i let her listen to Starlight and she likes it.. =D ..huh..and please, calm down a bit, will ya?.. =)

there was a time where i didnt change my shirt for 3 consecutive days..same shirt without changing it..luckily it didnt smell bad..then, when i change it with a new one, the girls clapped merrily at me..i was like "whoa..what was that for?", "yayy!!..oma dah tukar baju!!"..haiyoh!..kahkahkah..i didnt change my clothes bcos i am running out of shirts laa that time..not because im a pengotor whatsoever..haish..best jugak bila ingat balik kejadian2 kat sane..heheh..i believe everyone was happy throughout the seminar..i wish it was longer..after the talk, the girls wanted to snap some pics on the lift..and i'm the one who had to snap the pics..haiya..i snapped some..

after the talk, they gave us the type of performance that we need to perform the night before we go back to our school..and we got "action song"..it was tough at first..but luckily we have adam..at least, there is a director to write the story..hah..anyway, i just follow through what adam planned..i dont like performances..i hate it with passion..we made a 'medley' song by pasting snippets of songs together including Time Is Running Out by MUSE..i was electrified with joy when adam told me that he wanted to use Muse song..i wasn't expecting it adam..thanks anyway..and FYI, all the guitar part in that TIRO snippet is actually played by me..100% by me..sounds the same rite?.. =b

everyone was getting ready for the performance..

on the night of the performance, amir freaked out..i don't know why..and i don't know whether it was real or fake..i believe its real..anyway, i can feel the tension building up..nana also freaked out..syarzuan freaked out..but i do not feel anything..i do not know why..nana kept telling me that she's nervous..aiyo..fortunately, i managed to get a grip..huh thank God..

after we performed, they announced the winners and we got third placing..to me, it was bullshit because everything wasnt going according to plan..aiyo..i think i embarassed myself out there..well, at least we threw out our ideas and it somehow 'transformed' into a story line..yeah whatevs..
the last day, everyone woke up quite late since there is no more morning assembly like it used to..i washed up and straight away packed my belongings..after eating a hearty breakfast, we went to the ball and hear a talk from the wakil from Yayasan Pahang..lastly, we sang a song called "Doa Perpisahan"..sebak jugak rasenya..tapi apa nak buat..hahah..
and before we went back to our room to get our bags before departing for school, we and the girls struck poses and snapped some pics along the way back to the condo..here are some of the photos.. P/S: ada satu gambar tu macam koya Hujan sket.. =D
yupp thats about it..i think what i can conclude here is that we live in a mixed society..we have to somehow find a way to blend in with the crowd..you just cannot be selfish..you have to help others by offering them a hand..respect the weak..and no matter what happens, we will still be friends..thanks everyone..thank you very much..i must tell ya that i do feel motivated after this trip..i hope all of us will pass SPM with flying colours and achieve awesome results..InsyaAllah..

Saturday, July 12, 2008


just now i watched the news..and our PM gave his speech about something..i turned purple with rage (lil' exaggerating don't you think?) when he "manipulate" some facts..as if he wasn't the one who inflicts damages to his own race and party to be exact....you are a M*****F*****..sigh...

we must wake up and oppose and disagree;

Losing control,
Losing our faith,
Boxed up inside,
In time to be erased...

recurring numbers

I can't remember when but i believe it happened the other day..thursday I guess..i had this..nightmare..a bad dream..it really fuck my day..i wouldn't want it to happen ever again..

in that dream, something that everyone would not want to happen, occur in my dream..they keep flashing in that dream..on and on..again and again..it sucks big time I tell ya..during each interval, three numbers appeared simultaneously..i can see these in a clear sight..the numbers are : 201, 700, 700

the thing that made me curious is; why do these numbers kept appearing in that dream?..201, 700, 700..wtf???

anyway, I'm sure it will not happen..have the tendency but..fuck i do not want to think about it..

-case closed-

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am going to New Zealand

nahh..actually something happen today..and its about New Zealand..it is so embarassing that i cannot face the shame..but at least i learnt something new..hahah..

ok it's like this..i went to an English class..everything was normal..totally normal..and on that class, we discussed about how to write an essay, especially the first paragraph which is the intro..then the teacher asked us to write the first paragraph of an essay..the topic was "Travelling"..each one of us has to write one and read it aloud..so i wrote one..and everyone did the same too..

I wrote : "Where would you go if you are given the chance to travel anywhere in the world?. If I were given the chance, i would definitely go to one of the most beautiful country in Europe, New Zealand. Over there, I can enjoy the awe-inspiring scenery while relaxing my mind and shaking off my stress. Cool breeze air, breathtaking scenery, serene vibe; these are the things that I can find in New Zealand."

when I read that aloud, everyone was like "whoa gosh!"..i was like "what?"..then everyone turned to me and the teacher laugh suddenly..everyone snorted a little.."Umar, New Zealand is not in Europe" my teacher said..my face turned fucking red..i feel so embarassed..so numb..i was electrocuted..i mean just imagine saying that in front of your class..aiyo..and I JUST KNEW that New Zealand is NOT IN EUROPE..after 17 years..i just knew today,,i just knew..just knew...sigh...seriously, all this while, i swear to God, i thought that New Zealand is in Europe....sigh..

yupp..you can laugh all you want..its okay..i learnt something today.. =D

well, shit happens...